The Weekend…

October 22, 2012

I nearly didn’t blog this weekend, I didn’t take nearly enough good photographs and didn’t do much except work… then I had such a lovely Sunday I decided I wanted to remember it…

The week started well with a dinner with friends, I made up some delicious platters of snacks to nibble on while I made a huge pot of risotto… a more Autumnal meal you couldn’t find; butternut squash, mascarpone and sage. Delicious. 

I also gathered leaves and mini pumpkins to make a centrepiece. I love to decorate my table.


There were of course weddings, one with a Japanese bride who made origami place settings for everyone, and another smaller wedding who gave everyone love hearts. Even me! 


I cannot get enough of these pretty Jean Paul Gaultier diet coke cans… even though this stuff is so bad for you. Also Marilyn Mac collab? So cute. 


I went for a huge walk/flyering mission to tell Bristol about my Eco Wedding Fair (Coming very soon!) following by an hour of sitting with a design magazine, tea and a custard tart from riverstation

My feet were in so much pain after that walk… note to self ballet flats are no good for 4 hours walk. Ouch. 


The light on Saturday was amazing, proper hazy in the daytime turning into this awesome sunset. 


Then we had some friends over and I made some amazing fish tacos from a recipe on A Cup of Jo, which I messed with a little and I’ll share very soon… I also made my best salsa yet.  


I of course brought some flowers… these lilac roses are so lovely and left over from a wedding, and I got a beautiful autumn bouquet from my favourite Flowers of Stokes Croft, chinese lanterns included. 


Biggie was being super cute as always, he loves to sit on the stairs now you can see into the whole dining kitchen area now… and that’s his standard stance when he enters the living room. He is so suspicious of the television and it’s only a recent thing… weird. 


Sunday being my only day off this week I was exhausted so once again I spent a wonderful lazy morning watching old movies (Funny Face this time) and I made delicious baked eggs… another recipe to share… with coffee and Audrey I recuperated.


Then the sun suddenly made an appearance so my Husband and I went for a mooch into the city, hitting the shops and then going for coffee and cake on the way home. He brought me a present in the form of a Tolstoy book… I have never read this, how bad is that?

I am on chapter 10 already and I love it already.


Then it was home to cook once again, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend and loved it.

I nibbled on pretzels and sipped a G&T while I made Barak Obama’s chilli recipe… which wasn’t very hot so I pimped it up a little. Again I will share this soon! 


It’s a very dreary morning so I am going to need the memories of a nice weekend to get me through.



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