Friday Favourites…

October 19, 2012

Happy Friday!

A little shopping list and some recommendations today… I am obviously feeling the need to splurge a little, and there are things I need.

It is that time of year when my lips are super sore and chapped due to cold winds and heated offices. I am in dire need of a super duper balm… this, I have been told is the shizzle. I will be hot-footing it out at lunchtime to snap some up…

Recommend by Sali Hughes available here at John Lewis. 

I have straight hair. Straight, straight, straight. Of course I would love curls, every girl wants what they don’t have right? So I really want to try these out… if I could just persuade my Husband not to laugh at them in my hair overnight…

 Available from Browns 

All of my flats have died a death, I really must stop walking to work in them everyday and commute in my trainers… these are on my wish-replace-list.

I need them so bad… 
These  beauties are from Gap, leave some for me please.

I am also in desperate need (yes desperate – it is getting so cold and I have none!) of jumpers… I would love to fill my drawer with the beautiful Chinti and Parker cashmere knits but they are just a little out of my budget so will be hunting for cashmere mix sweaters at Gap and Zara instead…

So pretty…

Available at Net a Porter

Have a good weekend everyone, I am off to shop…


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