The Weekend…

October 15, 2012

Well I think we can all agree winter is here, it has arrived a little early. I will be panic buying tights, jumpers and gloves this week…

I have seen some very wintry evenings, this was my view on my walk home one evening, so beautiful, and my Husband and I have started on the Whiskey Mac’s. Our favourite winter cocktail which I will share with you soon…


I had my first civil partnership. Bob and Damien had a Mr Men theme and a bake-off with their guests, the sheer number of cakes was insane… people went in!


I had a lush dinner with some amazing girls at Bravas… I am so addicted to their Patatas Bravas and wish I lived nearby so I could pop in for a snack more often… 


I also had a lovely trip to Bath to have dinner with my Mum… 


She spoiled me rotten as always and we ate an Italian feast at Martini… I had Procecco, stuffed courgette flowers, which were amazing… 


…and Lobster pasta, finishing off with an Amaretto bomb. It so so alcoholic I think it pushed me over the sleepy-full of food-drunken edge. I was quite upset I couldn’t just climb into bed right there and then. 

I recommend Martini, a proper Italian run restaurant with Italian staff. The head waiter made us laugh with his bad jokes and a birthday table got the most amazing serenade from them all.


Saturday morning was lazy as expected… I hung out with Biggie and read with a cup of tea in bed… 


Then we went out for breakfast, to our favourite local spot – Souk Kitchen it really is the only choice on the weekend for a non-greasy good ingredient filled breakfast. 


Then of course it was of to work for me, for another wedding. We also spied another Bride and Groom on the river… in a row-boat. So brave.

That cake on the right? Our chefs made that. So beautiful. 


After that it was an evening in with some Cornish sparkling wine from Camel Valley (thanks Mum), mexican food and movies. Much needed as I really felt like I was coming down with something.


Sunday was another stay at home day, I was tired and I refuse to get ill so we took it easy with a long breakfast and papers, and then lots of pottering around the house, sorting my flowers out and tidying up. 


Before joining friends at our local for a roast in the (cold) sunshine. Probably our last in the garden this year. 


Then home for a Sunday ritual of baking brownies and snuggling with Biggie again. 


A lovely long weekend… so glad I took it easy and so feel tons better this morning. No cold yet this year… *touch wood*



2 Responses to “The Weekend…”

  1. Monica Says:

    Camel Valley is the absolute best – I prefer it to proper champagne!

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