The Weekend…

October 8, 2012

Monday… again? Really?

It was so dark this morning when my alarm went off I started googling sunlight lamps. I need one of these in my life.

I am scared… winter is well and truly here. 

So my weekend… was jam-packed but seriously lovely.

Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to Lahloo Pantry’s first birthday party… you must know by now how much I love this place… we were fed red wine and hot cider, the best rarebit I ever had (thinking of making a trip up there soon to order multiple slices) matcha macaroons and this beautiful birthday cake…

A big Happy Birthday to Lahloo, and thank you for the invitation.


Saturday was glorious and I spent a leisurely morning in my sunny kitchen with coffee and poached eggs…


Before dashing off to work… I had to grab a little caffeine on the way and how cute are these limited edition diet cokes?


The wedding was beautiful, I spent the whole day like a giddy little girl… I loved hanging the brides ivy decor… and her bouquet was the cutest and smelt so sweet… 


Their favours were great too, each guy had a favourite book of theirs and the girls had handmade vases (by the mother of the bride I believe!) all with little bookmarks with their name on…


They even had my favourite book in the whole wide world… Tess of the D’Ubervilles.


The best thing though, was their arrival, on the Matthew

So amazing.


Even better was that I got to go and hang out on her… Once again I was pinching myself that this is my job.


Saturday night I had a quick sushi date with my husband…


…before going to my dear friend Aoife’s birthday party which was so fun, and quite drunken. She made everyone party bags. She is super cute.


The next morning, with a slightly sore head I had a long lie in with tea and a book before making cheese on toast…


… and moving to the sofa to watch old Marilyn movies under a blanket. Whenever I am not feeling great this is what I do. These movies made me so happy… and diamonds are a girls best friend is such a tune!


I did eventually venture outside… to a gorgeous day…


To visit the Sunday market for a little treat.


Then visited another lovely girl-friend to deliver more birthday treats… this year all of my friends are getting a little Chanel treat… it’s a great time saver and who wouldn’t love anything arriving in this classic packaging?


The rest of the day was spent working my way through the papers while my Husband made roast chicken… Perfect.


I love writing these little weekend posts, they make me feel so grateful every Monday and are a great little diary.

I hope I am not boring you all with my very tame weekends!


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