The Weekend…

October 1, 2012

Happily I have had another gorgeous weekend…

There were seriously sunny morning trips to my local bakery to pick up some wintry treats…


I also had to visit the flower stall again these ladies grow the most amazing dahlias… if only I had found these a year ago…


You can find her outside Bristol Beer Factory and Marks Bread on North Street from around 9am on Fridays and Saturdays. She is super lovely and has amazing little hand ties from £5.80. Bargains. Go see her and tell her the girl who loves dahlias sent you.


There were big brunches at home with tea on tap and Pies too, showing Finnish friends how we do in Bristol…


There were hazy autumnal walks in the sunshine and another amazing dinner at Souk Kitchen, if you live in Bristol and haven’t been, make the trip South its so worth it I promise.


The amazing home-made dips are a must pick and the specials always have something you need to try…


I also worked at two weddings, so rushed grab and go bites to eat were happening a lot too…


Really gorgeous wedding with amazing bride and grooms. I say this a hell of a lot but its the best job.

I played with confetti…


We set up our first ever sweetheart table… love this!


I arranged gorgeous flowers… and swooned over the Brides beautiful bouquet…


I made Pom Pom’s and this is the Brides beautiful birthday cake… chocolate cake with pink frosting?! I die.


Not to mention the beautifully made classic wedding cake, and cutest favour bags of love…


I learn how to make pasta from scratch…

We made some beautiful butternut squash and mascarpone ravioli… with sage butter, I need to make this all the time. So. Good.

I have had it in restaurants but to be able to make this at home might be dangerous, no-one can eat butter every night and still fit into their jeans… right?


There were bubbles and sharing of my beautiful pasta and another new skill, I also learnt how to make risotto… with one of my best girls who is leaving me to go travelling *sob*


I learnt all these (simple but new to me) tricks at the Square Food Foundation… doing amazing things for food in Bristol, go check them out and help support but doing a cookery course, which are the best value I have seen. Learning and helping others. Such a great idea.

I’ll share a gorgeous recipe with you this week right here!

Have a good week everyone



2 Responses to “The Weekend…”

  1. bakearama Says:

    You have the most amazing looking weekends!

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