The Weekend…

September 24, 2012

Now that was a proper weekend… I had so much time at home I actually feel rested and ready for the busy week ahead.

I had a day off work to run errands… I also managed to shop and filled my house with these beautiful flowers from a stand near my house…


I also got some painting done in the bedroom with a sleepy Biggie for company. I swear he stayed here all day, oh for the life of a cat!


I wrapped up warm in my favourite wool Whistles jumper and thick tights and headed into the city… spotting the Matthew on route… 


I ate tasty food too… at Start the Bus and Lahloo Tea…


I made fancy gin + tonics with added berries and cucumber and finished off my macaroons from the previous weekend trip to London… 


I worked a beautiful wedding with classic detailing… on a gorgeous autumnal day… 



… on which I had a balanced diet of iced coffee and delicious cakes… a present from my boss… 


I also had some proper down time with some grooming action and Vogue and coffee time under a blanket while the rain lashed down outside… 


…and red wine with pie time on Sunday. Perfect. 


More weekends at home are so the aim from now on… it makes such a difference to how I feel on Monday morning!



2 Responses to “The Weekend…”

  1. This is a lovely post 😀 It has made me all the more determined to spend this weekend doing lovely things that I want to do, and not stressing about where I need to be!

    Also just wanted to say hi now that I’m following your blog, and thank you for the foodie package. I will pour my thanks out properly in an email, but for now, yay!

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