The Weekend…

September 17, 2012

Happy Monday everyone…

Did you have a nice weekend?

Mine was busy but really great.

Friday we had a wedding… our Bride and Groom arrived on the same boat that I had at mine… Patience.


After an extremely busy week I revelled in a quiet night at home with raspberry gin and tonics, pretzels and cuddles with Biggs.


Saturday was a trip to London to visit Lady Loves Cake for a girls day out… an early train and a cappuccino got me to London in time for breakfast…


At Bea’s Diner at the Maltby Street Market where we ate home made bagels with cream cheese and salmon (me) and maple bacon (Katherine). My god that maple bacon was insane… I really made a mistake not having that.

Followed by a walk along the river by Tower Bridge, a feeble attempt to justify more eating shortly…


Then we mooched around Knightsbridge for a few hours, making Katherine be a complete tourist diving into Ladurée at Harrods for salted caramel macrons and a coconut milkshake  before more walking though Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park…


And back to Knightsbridge for a Russian afternoon tea at Mari Vanna, which was amazing. They bring you lots of bread and radishes with a salty oniony butter … and we ordered blini’s with jams and the afternoon tea was huge.

More blini’s (mini) with salmon caviar and cream cheese, wrapped blini’s with more cream cheese and little puffed up filled doughy balls, plus herring on rye with beetroot and that’s just the savouries.

We had chocolate cake, some kind of meringue with custard and the honey cake… get the honeycake!

Also the tea was lovely, and the Russian bartender sent us Champagne cocktails. Amazing service.


After which we needed to walk some more… heading to Covent Garden so I could visit the Chanel Pop Up and spree on nail varnish (I recommend you going here at the start of your day, you can get your make up done)…


Finished off by skipping a planned dinner… so not needed, and after a quick stop at Somerset House to spy on all the fashion pack we headed to Bob Bob Ricard for cocktails and french fries.

It’s my new favourite place and I need to get there for dinner really soon, it’s so glamorous and not only was the service faultless, it was so friendly. So rare.


I cannot thank Lady Loves Cake enough for such a lush day, love that I have a friend in London to take me to all these amazing places…

And I cannot wait to show her around Bristol which will be our next adventure.

Sunday I had another wedding, these double weekends are killing me, I was so tired but it was low key and lovely. I really do have the best job!

Then Sunday night was spend drinking white wine and watching Sons of Anarchy with my Husband… nothing better than a cosy night in when the weather is drawing in.

Have you seen Sons? I am obsessed!


5 Responses to “The Weekend…”

  1. sally you are having 1 great life so glad for you

  2. India-Jazmine Says:

    This almost made me weep with longing, I want this whole day x

  3. I couldn’t wait to see what Kat had to say about Mari Vanna so i decided to come here instead and I’m glad I did! It sounds like a wonderful interpretation of the Afternoon Tea experience and I’m dying to go now.

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