San Francisco To Do

August 30, 2012

So I wanted to write a post about all there is to do in San Francisco…

Of course you don’t need to do anything special, it’s a beautiful city to explore and you can do so by walking, cycling, using the various trams and cable cars too.

But there are some great tourist attractions too…

This is the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

We didn’t go inside due to time but the exterior is amazing. If I make it back here one day I will go inside…

We did visit SFMOMA which we loved.

The entrance is spectacular.

I loved this piece… 

You stand opposite, and then when the lights change you see an image. We missed a ballet dancer by a few weeks, so gutted by this one of birds was amazing. So beautiful, I wish I could have captured it for you. 

We also joined a tour, something we never normally do but I would highly recommend. This one took us around all the Andy Warhol pieces and the very knowledgable guide told us all about his life and his art and explained some key pieces to us.

I love art but I don’t always understand it and my appreciation goes ten-fold when I do so I will definitely do this more often when I visit a gallery.

Next up… Alcatraz.

This is the main attraction in the city, and the company that run the tours is a slick machine. My husband wanted to take the night tour, which means you get to wander the prison in darkness and with far fewer people… Luckily we didn’t book in advance so our options were limited (I am a huge scaredy cat it would not have ended well) so we went one afternoon.

It’s a really great tour that I would recommend you try. 

The boat trip is short… and you get some great views of the city and the island. 

As you can see there are a lot of people here… 

You get given headphones when you arrive and the tour guides you around the island telling its history and famous stories. So very interesting. 

Alcatraz was notorious because the most dangerous or repeat escapees were housed here.

The state maintains that no-one ever did escape, many tried and failed, only a few have never been found, either they failed and drowned or, did they make it?

 I cannot imagine living in a cell, no privacy ever.

I know it sounds strange feeling sorry for criminals, but the US system is so harsh. No rehabilitation… no chance to change.

This is the yard, you can imagine how bleak life was for the inmates when they were here, seeing life going on as normal just across the water.

 This is the view from the wardens office. Pretty amazing.

A really fascinating trip.

Next up… Lombard Street.

 It’s not really crooked but super curvy.

It’s so pretty though, and great exercise just to get here let alone to walk up it. 

 The street is lined with what can only be described as mansions… such amazing buildings and all different.

Pretty cherry blossoms and great views await you at the top…

Another thing you must do while in San Francisco is take a ride on a cable car. 

It feels crazy dangerous, like you could lose control at any moment. The only thing between you and the car running away down the big hills is a guy with a break. 

We found out once on board you need to buy tickets in advance, we had our cash already but the guy couldn’t take it.You can find more information here

One activity recommend by a San Francisco native was to visit the Ferry Building and try food from lots of stalls…

Jordan from Oh Happy Day has a multitude of Eating recommendations and more to do here

My husband immediately  made a beeline for this place…

A huge pulled pork sandwich… so messy but oh so tasty. 

I headed straight to Miette… again as recommended by Jordan but I would have spotted this place a mile off, its ridiculously cute. 

I really wanted everything. I really was like that child who having been told they can only have one thing wanted to make sure they were making the right decision. I swear I stood there for 15 minutes trying to decide. 

I got there in the end and my treat did not disappoint. 

 Banoffee Cream Pie. Banoffee is my all time favourite. This pie was insane. I couldn’t even share.

This is where we spent our last dollars before we flew home… taking a last look at the Bay.

You should definitely go check it out, and try to leave room in your suitcase, as we didn’t and there were all kinds of amazing treats that would make amazing presents for friends and family… or souvenirs for you. 

That’s it… Honeymoon blogging done.

You can see any one of the posts by search the tag honeymoon.

I had an amazing time and feel very lucky that we had three months of travelling just the two of us seeing lots of very different places.

It really opened my eyes.


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  1. sally you must of have the best honeymoon ever you are 1 lucky girl love each other for as long as you can xx

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