San Francisco – The Bay

August 29, 2012

I thought the Bay area of San Francisco deserved it own blog post… we spent quite a bit of time down here, in evenings and during the day. It’s quite a touristy area to be but if you walk away from the main strip a little you can find some amazing spots…

Pier 39 is fun…  but be warned it is tourist central.

You gotta get an ice cream (or Fro-Yo)… 

It’s definitely a fun place to visit with children, there are little rides and points of interest everywhere, and don’t forget the ice cream. 

And you must visit the sea lions, we watched them for ages. They are very noisy and it’s funny to watch them flop all over each other basking in the sun and falling in sometimes. 

You can see Alcatraz from here too… we’ll come back to this place tomorrow. 

You can easily walk here form the centre but it’s fun to take a tram ride… and while in San Francisco you must do this. 

We also hired bikes and rode around down here which was great fun. You can cover a much bigger area. 

We rode right up to the Golden Gate bridge… 

A great tip is to ride right over, take a picnic and enjoy the view from the other side. You can even ride to a cute little town and get the ferry back.

We didn’t have time with all our other plans so we rode halfway before turning back. 

I love these houses up by the bridge, real Americana. 

And I loved checking out the mansions on the Bay…

And we were told to visit Boudin’s… it’s fun to see the bread being baked into shapes but we ate better food elsewhere, service was actually shocking. We never had anything but amazing service in the US so here was strange. 

I had to have some Chowder served in the sourdough though. Had to be done.

I do recommend visiting the little restaurants at the end of the strip towards the Ferry Building, we went into one and had a seafood feast!

It’s very pretty here at night… 

And we chose to spend our last few hours down here before we drove to the airport… 

 This is a very confused me… I was so ready to go home but I really didn’t want to. I wanted more adventures.

I have one more post about San Francisco for you… as there is so much to do here I have picked out my favourite activities to recommend for you…


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