San Francisco – The City

August 28, 2012

So the week we reach our first anniversary is the week I will finish blogging our Honeymoon.

This is it people, the last stop… San Fran!

We loved it here, being able to walk around and be in one place for 4 days was great.

The city is so fun.

Silly amazing hilly streets to more than rival Bristol…


I love a tree-lined avenue, my dream is to live on one… this is a good’un.



Such beautiful houses and apartment buildings.  I saw so many I could have just moved right in to…

I love this tall white building, they gotta have window seats in those big bays or they’re not living there right.

The big grand houses in the bay ruled.


And we had some great shopping here… I went on a Kate Spade spree. Man I love that store, so glad we have it here now.

San Fran has more than its fair share of buskers and street artists. This kid down by Bloomingdale’s was amazing. His Mum was sat with him too, great way to earn your pocket money.


A great looking dive bar we found near our hotel… we’ll come back to this spot later.

Some really lovely evening walks taking us anywhere and everywhere in the city and capturing some great city scape sunsets.

We walked everywhere everyday, my Husband loves to walk and explore. Morning strolls were always short, ending as soon as we found a good-looking breakfast spot…

I couldn’t help but stop at all the beautiful doorways around our district.

This was the morning we found a real live bagel bakery. Good Morning!

And more strolls. It was so cool being in a city I have seen so much of not just in movies but so many blogs I read are written by lovely people based here.

We tried to go to a super cool bar here, recommended by many it sounded amazing. It’s an old prohibition era place called Bourbon and Branch. We couldn’t book which is advised as there was a large event on in the early part of the evening so we thought we would try our luck

This was the queue.

Except when we got close it wasn’t a queue but a mob of people freaking out because they couldn’t get in. We tried to have a very English and polite word with the doorman to see if it was worth us coming back later that night but people were being so rude and desperate to go in we realised we probably didn’t want to be inside with any of them anyway.

So we left.

We instead went to a bar opposite our hotel… no idea what it was called but they barman loves Hip Hop, as does my Husband so they went on a full on geek out and go on so well the barman bought us drinks. We left quite drunk after $1 mojitos and freebies.

Then we visited another recommendation from a native; Colibri for some Mexican food. This wasn’t the kind we had been eating the whole time we were in California, but almost fine dining Mexican.

We started with more drinks… the best margaritas I have ever had. For food… you can visit Full as an Egg

After which we headed back to Gold Dust, that dive bar we spotted earlier. The bar is being closed down so they were having a massive party to protest or mourn I wasn’t sure which.


It was rammed and they had an amazing band of 3 old guys and the whole bar was singing.

We positioned ourselves by a waitress station… big mistake, they were working so hard!

We had the best time, I am gutted I can’t remember the song we heard when we went in because for weeks it was stuck in my head and reminded me of that night.

Needless to say we were super drunk by the time we left… all my photographs were terrible, but it was one of those stand out nights that I loved.

On our last day we headed to Chinatown…


It’s like all Chinatown’s, mental… busy and a little world all on its own.


In our drunkenness I dropped my bag, which held my camera. This was me trying not to cry while we took it to get fixed. If you can get a camera fixed anywhere its Chinatown right?

Luckily it seems to work itself out.

These were little snaps of the neighbourhoods we managed to see… much more to come!

We stayed at the wonderful Hotel Adagio


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