Frances Ford Coppola’s Winery

August 24, 2012

One winery I was excited to visit was Frances Ford Coppola’s, mostly because his director cut Chardonnay is one of my favourite wines ever and is available in Bristol… We had been warned off, told the wine wasn’t the best in the area and that it was a bit of a tourist trap.

We were tourists… so we went anyway, and loved it. 

I would love to visit in the Summer… check out these cute beach huts you can hire for the day… 

 While you frolic in the pool!

As you can see it’s a bit wintery at this moment.

The tasting rooms, shop and restaurant are filled with movie props. This was fun to see…


Mostly I love the company’s branding. The bottles are all labelled so beautifully. I have to admit it’s why I picked up my beloved Chardonnay from the shop in the first place.

Lots that we cannot get in the UK have very arty labels…

My favourite… 

And more that we hadn’t seen before… 

And one we had to take away with us, Sofia (named after the lovely Sofia Coppola of course) is so good. It’s so very popular in the US and even comes in cans… sacrilege? Or really handy?

All I know is I wish I could get it here. 

Ignore any critics we loved it here, we wished we had time to eat here too; the menus looked amazing.

Frances Food Coppola Winery – Sonoma, California


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