Santa Cruz

August 21, 2012

After leaving Carmel and dropping into Monterey Bay we drove further North and had a one night stop over in Santa Cruz.

This place must be amazing in the summer, the California version of Blackpool; there is a boardwalk and a proper fair ground with a huge ferris wheel and everything. Unfortunately we were there in February so most of this was closed.

This was the view from our amazing hotel room. This hotel was extra lovely, probably because we were only there for one night but they upgraded us to an ocean view room right at the top of the building. 

To the left we could see the rest of the hotel, with an amazing pool area. Gutted we couldn’t use it but the further north we went the colder it got.


 We didn’t get much chance to explore as we arrived early evening, I went out for a walk to stock up on shampoo etc (I loved the US drugstores and we were near the end of the tip) I loved the small town feel Santa Cruz has.

Then I got back to more treats from the lovely hotel staff… how cute is that? 

Then we went for a stroll along the boardwalk and checked out the cheesy fairground bits there were open…

 Before an amazing dinner at our hotel, I had some beautiful scallops with a mushroom pasta dish…

But my Husband totally out menu’d me with his choice of fried chicken with mac and cheese, now I adore scallops but look at that…

And then at the end as a nod to the seaside fairground location they gave us some candy floss for dessert. 

 This little bed and breakfast across the road looked so spooky!

We stayed at the lovely Dream Inn and we were only there for 1 short night and morning but I couldn’t fault it, I loved our room and would really love to visit during the summer. I think it would be a really fun place to have a break. 


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