Ragdale Hall

August 18, 2012

Last weekend I instgramed my way through a lovely spa trip with my mother and sister-in-law…

My husband and I travelled to their house just outside of London on Wednesday… he started me off in style; I was sipping white wine and reading glossies while we waited for our train.


Adam stayed with his Dad for the weekend while us girls headed north to Ragdale Hall.

The hotel is stunning and my to do list was strong…


Ragdale is a proper spa, your stay revolves around your treatments and activities.

You start each day with room service, lots of healthy breakfast treats are brought to you at around 8am… you also have a timetable of your days treatments… I started with an amazing Declor massage. I wish I could start every weekend like this!


You can book your treatments in advance or when you arrive and they timetable it all for you. I had a full body massage, a facial, and a couple of mini massages. I forgot how good they are and how at peace I feel afterwards. I really want to schedule in some time for more of this in my day-to-day life.

In between treatments and eating we strolled around the beautiful gardens in our bikinis and robes… we pretty much only dressed for dinner.


It was a really nice day and hot enough to sunbathe and swim in the pool outside. 


We fitted in a few activities like we were there, a great Pilates class and fitness yoga. Have you ever done yoga at speed to dance music? It’s quite strange. 

The views around the hotel are beautiful, all corn fields. The photograph on the left is your view from the gym.


There is also an amazing spa, lots of different saunas and steam rooms, jacuzzi as well as two indoor pools with tons of massage bubble jets.

We drank bubbles in the sunny conservatory and had lovely long dinners together every night. Each meal was 3 courses, but there are plenty of healthy options and you could easily treat this as a proper healthy detox weekend… needless to say we did not do this, anyway bubbles are low cal.

There are multiple areas to relax in around Ragdale and I didn’t get to try them all out but I hope for a return trip in the winter when sitting on the comfy sofas around various fires is all you want to do.


Then it was back south for an early anniversary celebratory family dinner and fun with AlfieDog. We had a BBQ that’s his begging for sausages face. We couldn’t resist.


I had such an amazing time and felt so rested after just a couple of days away. It’s amazing what some family time does. 


Highly recommended – Ragdale Hall


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