Carmel, California

August 14, 2012

After leaving Morro Bay and driving up the 1 and the 101 we finally arrived in Carmel.

I really wanted to stop in here, despite hearing it’s very touristy. It’s the spot Americans come for a mini break and having heard its name on numerous sitcoms I didn’t want to miss out…

It is a little strange but its super cute.

Everything is over protected here, no sign steps out of the quaint look-line. 

Not even Shell…


 The place is full of shops, these sweet shop was like Hansel and Gretel’s house…

And lovely courtyards full of coffee shops and restaurants in every nook and cranny. 

The below hotel is amazing, and owned by the one and only Doris Day… I love it here and will tell you more about it soon. 

 There were hidden staircases everywhere with amazing tiles, so Spanish.

And it felt a little like ‘fall’ as we moved North. The trees made it look like it too. 


This guy was fully in the throes of a campaign, he is a local business man… we ended up in his restaurant without realising later that night… Love the pins.

There were some crazy shops… so many amazing home stores (I feel in love with some hand made towels, really), and huge numbers of jewellers with the most amount of insane (massive) diamonds I have ever seen in the windows, plus tons and tons of art galleries… some with weird Stallone art.

This little town is so posh it has a Tiffany’s… 

And a Bottega Veneta, and a Louis Vuitton, and many more stores you would not expect in such a small place.

This is the male uniform in Carmel… needless to say my husband was not joining in the prepster look.

 This bakery was around the corner from us…

Most famous for feeding the 4 legged inhabitants of the town… there are a lot of dogs here. In fact because of Doris Day the whole town is very friendly to mans best friend. 

We were only here for 1 night to break up our journey north, while I wished we had a little more time to explore I think my other half was very glad to get moving… he said Carmel was like Beverly Hills on steroids. I kinda know what he means but I liked it. Super cute and quaint with a ton of nice places to eat and drink.

I can see why it’s the mini break centre of California.

The sunset on our night there was so pink. It lit up the whole town.

We went back to our B&B, which was so lovely for the cheese and wine hour under the millions of fairy lights… 

We sat by the fire pit with the cat and ate our fill, the cheese and wine thing is big at American independent B&B’s and hotels. I love it.

Then we ran down to the beach to see the last of the sunset…

 Then we found a cute wine tasting pizza place with a fire…

Turned out to be Pepe the wannabe Mayors place… the wine came from Napa and was delicious…

And even though we had eaten cheese, we tucked into a pizza. Which was amazing.

Who wouldn’t want this guy as Mayor… he has his own pasta sauce! 

We stayed at the Lamp Lighter Inn and loved it, I will tell you more about it soon.

Like I have said we have mixed opinions about Carmel, but it is fun. There is great shopping, great eating and drinking and lots of famous people live here… Doris Day has a hotel here and Clint Eastwood used to be mayor and has a ranch nearby. How good would spotting those two be?

Definitely stop in if you’re heading by on your road trip!


4 Responses to “Carmel, California”

  1. […] loved our cute Bed and Breakfast in Carmel… Lamp Lighter […]

  2. bakearama Says:

    Beautiful! Looks like a lovely place, plus shops and celebs… what was it that left you with mixed feelings?

  3. Like I say further up my Husband said it was like Beverly Hills on steroids… this wasn’t a complement. Being harsh, its kind of fake. Not real at all.

  4. […] had been told by lots of people that we must visit because the aquarium is amazing. After leaving Carmel we stopped here on our way […]

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