On the 1 (and the 101), California

August 13, 2012

From Moro Bay we got back on the 1 to drive up to Carmel…

The views are pretty amazing. The soft top really came in to its own here. 

We couldn’t resist talking another photograph with this amazing backdrop. If the Mustang people want this photo… email me 😉

Then we ran into a little problem, the bridge was closed.

We were seeing signs saying this road was closed for a while but there were no turn off that we could see, we didn’t know where else to go and the views were good so we just kept driving.

I am glad we did because there was a really nice workmen waiting in his truck for people like us… so he told us where we needed to go.

Back the way we came for a little while… 

Then up what looked like a dirt track, with no sign post. Hence why we didn’t see this as a route before. There was barely enough room for one car, I was driving up the windy road very carefully in case somebody came from the other way. 

This drive was hairier than any we had in New Zealand. The edge was there… 

 The views up there were great though, then we turned off and started down the other side of the mountains (we were in Big Sur) and into some woods…

Then out onto an eery plain… there was a big Military base out there, signs of it everywhere but the base itself from far from any public eyes.

Then we found the 101, which is the quick road from LA to San Francisco, it’s not along the coast so no views.

One place I was excited to see though… we needed fuel after an extra few hours of unexpected driving.

In and Out burger is like McDonald’s, but good.

So good.

Next stop… Carmel! 


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