The Presidio Motel; Santa Barbara, California

August 3, 2012

I have to recommend our motel in Santa Barbara, I have used this word too much in this town but it was super super cute!

Recommended to us by Laura of Bellevue Bakery, as soon as I saw the rooms and the price I booked it, it actually won out over much bigger places and I am so glad it did. 

It has these amazing deck in front of our room…

And our room was so lovely, all white with a wooden roof and decals on the wall. I loved them.

Also who doesn’t love a stack of really cool glossies.

All lit up at night… retro…


We loved the free beach cruiser bikes they have, you can borrow them anytime… cruisers are bikes with no brakes, you just back pedal… it takes a second to used to it but it is a casual way to ride.

The best thing about the motel was the store they had downstairs… it was amazing. The kind of store I would put together if I had a little space.

The Supply Room


Loved the cool jewellery… especially the necklace bottom right, I have a neon one just like it. 

As a bag addict, I really wanted this tote, but since I was already carrying 5 bags, yes 5, I wasn’t allow it. Such a nice travel bag though. 

And having had a Claire Viver clutch on my want list forever it took all my will power not to bag one of these.


 These leather ‘paper’ bags are so fun, I’d love one for my lunch.

Want these cuties so bad, black and gold.

 Who doesn’t love beautiful smelling candles for your home? These would have never made the flight. The glass is lovely.

And the one souvenir I could take away, and from a company I already buy from on etsy; Tabletop Made too I had to buy the left my heart in Santa Barbara card! 

The Presidio Motel – Santa Barbara

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