Santa Barbara, California Part Two

August 2, 2012

More photographs from Santa Barbara… we had the best second day, our only full day.

We woke up bright and early and got straight out in the sunshine… 

We ate a huge breakfast at the Anderson, that we spent the rest of the day trying to work off. 

The cakes were insane, check out the full post on Full as an Egg

Then we went for a bike ride along the beach… 

Our motel (which I will tell you all about tomorrow) had some super cool beach cruiser bikes for us to borrow. 

 We found this amazing rainbow arch too, great for some photographs.

 Then we rode further in the other direction past fishing boats and yachts and the Santa Barbara Yacht club…

Kids setting up to play volleyball, it really does happen in California.


Then we rode up the hill to see these fabulous views of the town. I love that its surround by hills and mountains. 

And beautiful beaches with hazy island views. 


 And sat and watched the volleyball matches for a little while.

Then after we decided we had done enough exercise we decided to go and taste some local wines. Now this is reason enough to visit Santa Barbara alone, the local winerys all have stores in the town, so you can walk, or ride your bike (!) and taste wines without long drives. So everyone (me) is happy.

We started at Kunin, most of the tasting rooms are on one street and this one looked cute.  
I would love to have this in my home town, such a good value date night.

I want a dragon like this in my house.

I had to start with Happiness.

We had such a nice hour here, tasting the wine and we met a really cute old school American couple (real wasps yall’) who were giving us marriage advice and the most typically California glamour couple with their 6 month old English bulldog. Super cute.


Still kicking myself for not buying this souvenir, damn my small backpack. 

The lady who did our tasting was so knowledgable and told us all about each wine and the vineyard, and we tried a few different whites, all of which were really good. I loved the Sauvignon below.

We then went next door to Corks and Crowns which is also super cute, and another great spot to visit for longer than we did, they do beer flights which my H took advantage of and I took another wine flight. They were also making pizza when we were there and they looked amazing. It took all our will power not to order one.

Definitely check our the tasting rooms if you visit, you can get a map and recommendations from the lovely ladies at tourist information which is near the wharf.

More big train photos, I do love the train tracks. 

Then we went for burgers and fries, the only reason I resisted pizza is because I knew this was coming. Habit is like McDonald’s in no way except you order at a window and they do burgers. Sooooo good. 

They must call it the Habit for a reason. I’ll show you why tomorrow on Full as an Egg.

Later that night after some relaxation time at the motel, we nipped out for (more) Fro Yo… and there was a film festival happening so we wandered about having a nose.

They had the proper premiere spot lights, with a red carpet and everything. We tried to see some celebrities but didn’t manage it, although we found out the next day there were lots of important people there.

 The Arlington Theatre looks great all lit up.

A not so healthy frozen yogurt treat. So addicted, we now have a similar spot about 15 minutes walk from my office in Bristol. So good.

Then we found the big after party. They had closed off the whole shopping area, which is kind of like a fake mall with pretty streets and some undercover areas. The theme was Clockwork Orange. I bet it was a great party!

This town is so posh the fire hydrants are gold. 

And our last day, we had a last little mooch around the old buildings, the courthouse and a church. You can climb a tower too. It really is the prettiest town, if you visit California and fly into LA make the trip north even if you just got for the day.


Then we loaded up the car and headed north on the 1 again… through the mountains this time.

We stayed at The Presidio Motel and you can see more recommendations here


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