Malibu to Santa Barbara, California

August 1, 2012

After leaving LA we drove North on the 1 through Malibu (I was totally looking out of Pamela and Jennifer) on to our next stop Santa Barbara…

Those coastal roads, our Mustang. It felt good to put my foot down a bit (LA is slow). It rocked. 

Santa Barbara is the cutest. It’s so nice, I imagine a lot of people who work in LA live here for the quiet life.  

The main street is awesome, totally like the US you see on television. It was a small town but a very chic one. Everything was perfect. 

It seems as though the town is very well looked after, the theatres and the movie theatres were all as they would have been when they were built. I love that. Truth is there is a lot of movie money in this town. 

 More Fro-Yo… Pinkberry is the don dadda of frozen yogurt stores. All about the health, so much fruit to be had here. Addict.

 Loved this bar’s name; any Wu Tang fans?

They have an English pub, surely this should be the rule everywhere?

Another town where the trains go straight through… with nothing to keep you off. So blasé.

The trains here are so big, see that double-decker? 

 This town is so posh they tile their streets.

We saw some really good graffiti too… and a fashion shoot happening right in front of these pieces. 

The perfect California photograph, blue skies and palm trees. 

 We headed straight to the pier for some chowder…

The homeless problem was the same here as LA, and they still had a ‘thing’ instead of begging most of the time. This guy was making sand sculptures, with targets for you to throw money at. It was crazy.

We headed to the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, so glad we did how cute is this place?


This is winter in California, perfect skies and chilly once the sun goes down but warm enough for tee’s during the day.


Walking back through the town, all of the cute restaurants have tables out on the street. I so wanted to eat at all of them. Very European in feel at night.

And this was only our first day. 

More to come this week…


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