Beverly Hills and Venice Beach; Los Angeles, California

July 31, 2012

I was very excited to visit Beverly Hills and see the spots from movies I have watched a hundred times… Clueless, Pretty Woman anyone?

We drove right into the suburban parts of Beverly Hills to see all the mansions, it really is insane. I swear I saw Dion’s house too.

Once you get off the main strip it’s very pretty around here, and probably one of the few neighbourhoods where you could walk for a coffee. Although I doubt anyone does. 


Rodeo Drive! 

While here we realised our amazing mustang was so not a big deal… 


Not with actual ‘super’ cars around…

So many stores, I really wanted to have a Cher Horowitz moment with a credit card…

This is Prada, no sign but I’d know those bags anywhere… and those outfits.


Crumbs was amazing, we managed to resist the massive cupcakes but only because we had gone for a huge diner breakfast. The iced coffee though, standard in LA right? 

 The Beverly Wilshire hotel… or the Pretty Woman hotel to you and I…

 Then from Beverly Hills we went over to Venice Beach…

Venice Beach was crazy and were we saw just how many problems there are in the US for the first time. Something I will talk about at the end of the California blogs… 

My Jock watching the skater boys. 

Then we walked along the main street… it’s a crazy place, full of complete nutters which makes it a great visit but I was very glad we didn’t stay here (it was here or the hotel we picked) as it was quite hectic! 

Did I mention I got addicted to Frozen Yoghurt while we were in California? chocolate fat-free dessert? For real.

We watched basket ball… White Men Can’t Jump! 

And had a peek at the HUGE muscle men pumping iron at Muscle Beach (which is tiny!)…

 And saw a lot of graffiti, good and bad!

I did kinda like this Van Gogh copy…

We didn’t go into the freak show, I was too scared. There were enough on the street anyway! 

The overriding memory is that there were a lot of homeless people here, but most of them had a ‘thing’. There was this guy with his piano, and a lots of people selling various bits of ‘art’ or pavement art you could donate to, musicians, performers and like I have mentioned just plain weirdo’s doing their thing. One I can remember was a really old man in fluro speedos, who was like the colour of mahogany walking along with a ghetto blaster on his shoulder. 

And there are these ‘doctors’ surgery’s everywhere here, because you can get weed prescribed as medication in California. Crazy that this is in the US and not here  I think. 

I loved LA, and was sad to leave. I felt like we had just found our feet and it was time to go. Driving was scary at first, 5 lane freeways anyone? But once I got used to their way of driving everything made sense, in fact more sense than our roads do sometimes, and people are much more patient, we had no road rage or beeping of horns at all.

I absolutely loved driving around at night listening to the Drive soundtrack, I loved the amazing malls and sushi and fro yo! I loved the feel of the city, it is so laid back but so glam at the same time. I would love to visit for longer.

We recommend animal for a special dinner and Ozumo for pretty sushi.

The one thing I did not like about California are the national problems and differences between the US and the UK and I will talk about this when I have finished blogging California.

We stayed at Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood and we loved it, it was swish and the bed was huge and the staff brilliant. It’s valet parking so you never have to park your own car, there is a cool pool outside but it was January so we didn’t get to use it. We had drinks in the penthouse bar one night which was great and some really nice salads and breakfasts.

Its right by the freeway so the views aren’t really pretty but it’s so convenient for getting around the city.

I would also recommend any of the Joie de Vivre Hotels, there are two in LA, one at Venice Beach!


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