The Past Week…

July 29, 2012

 Last week was the best, after weeks of feeling like I am playing catch up on everything and having one of those weeks where everything goes wrong and you are the clumsiest person alive (please say it’s not just me?) I needed it…

The sun came out which definitely helped, there was lots of iced Matcha tea happening, lots of ice cream eating (you must go buy a cone of home-made ice cream from Spyglass discovered by Elly, they really are the best in Bristol), lots and lots of hanging out on ‘the wall’ by the Arnofini at lunchtime and after work.



And I have to give a little mention to the Neaustift cheese stand at the farmers market every Wednesday they have their own herd of goats and the cheese is just beautiful, sold in little wooden boxes they do a few flavours, the black pepper is great.

We took ours on our date night picnic in the park with some strawberries, bubbles and macaroons for dessert it was a great date.


Then towards the end of the week I had a day off from the day job for a couple of weddings at riverstation and some work towards our Eco Wedding Fair!

Coffee in bed on a weekday is such a treat (even better when you don’t make it!) 

First some errand running, the kind I like; I had to go shop for ribbon in St Nicks market, serious if you like to craft or sew or wrap presents go visit Sew Sew it rocks.


 Then it was a power juice before work…


 Then set up for a mini wedding… with hydrangeas and soft white roses…


Then, in my opinion, a perfect Friday night of bubbles and sunsets in Bristol’s harbourside. 


Saturday I worked on another wedding at riverstation, this time a full day of ceremony and the wedding breakfast, it was a very classic wedding with vintage crystal and roses, I ahd the loveliest job of arranging the flowers… I saw the sweetest moment between the Bride and her Dad, and the rooms looks beautiful when all her hard work paid off… she had hand-made all the little favours and the name tags.





 Saturday night with my Husband away on a boys camping trip I had my old house mate Sofi over, we don’t catch up nearly enough and it was so nice, drinking yet more pink bubbles and raspberry gin and tonics and having pasta-comas while watching weird tv shows on you tube. I love nights in with Sof!


In the morning I made my best french toast to date… like this recipe here but made with chocolate chips, and added banana and vanilla sugar. Insane. Don’t try to do anything for at least an hour after eating.


Then a lazy lunch was yet more sweetness with a scone given to me by Holly at Lahloo Pantry ages ago (which I was advised to freeze and they’re still good I have two more stored) with blackcurrant and cassis jam from my Mama, coffee, papers and Biggie the cat.


Sunday afternoon was pub time with some lovely friends and their new baby, much cooing and swooning over baby feet was had. 


After my crappy week I did say I was going to make this one a good one. I loved it, and it makes starting a new week today exciting, no Monday blues here!

How was your week? The UK was filled with sunshine so it can’t have been bad!


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