Wellington, New Zealand

July 24, 2012

So back to Wellington, our first and last stop in New Zealand. We flew in from Sydney, stayed one night then got the ferry over to the South Island, drove around it and came back again for two more nights here.

This was my first sight of New Zealand when we were picking up our car.

And this is where we spent the majority of our time, mooching around the bay. 

Yacht spotting… 

And walking… as far as we could. 

Swooning over more beautiful houses…


This one right on the water was my favourite, I would have the circular tower as a reading room with comfy window seats and shelves filled with my favourites.

Wellington has lots of huge government buildings and a library and a great museum about the history and culture of the country.

I loved this public space that was down by the water, lots of walkways and places to sit with points of interest to look at. So cool.

I like this quote.

Once again the colour of the water blew me away. That jade green is beautiful.

 We even spotted some Manta Rays.


Drank beautiful coffee in squares.

Drank yet more ginger beer and ate some really delicious food. 

Steak anyone? 

The railway station was opposite our hostel and is beautiful. It makes me think of railway travel as glamorous, like a steam train with little compartments would show up. 

I don’t know what this crazy building was but it looked so strange against the backdrop of the station. 

*edit* I have just been informed by the lovely Lady Loves Cake who hails from this side of the world but this is the New Zealand parliament, and not an alien spaceship. Good to know!

We visited Foxglove both times we were here, I loved it here, partly because the sign is so cool… (I really would like a mini version of this at home saying Bristol!)

…partly because I love a day bed. I love to lounge in the sunshine with a drink and the balcony deck area at Foxglove is so cute.

Spending our last afternoon here was bliss, trying not to get sad about leaving New Zealand by talking about our next stop.

Check out the food on Full as an Egg… 


And had a last meal at a brewery pub, which we loved. The place is like a big warehouse with super cool decor and always packed (the both times we visited). 


When we arrived in Wellington it was raining hard, and was cold and wet, I had to buy a rain coat! I didn’t fall in love with it straight away, but hanging out in some cool cafes and bars really changed my mind, it’s a small city but has a really nice vibe and again comparing it to home had the harbourside area and a Gloucester Road/Stoke Croft type area. It’s a really great place to visit and the museum gives you a really good overview of the country, its people and its history so I highly recommend a visit there.

Te Papa – Museum of New Zealand

That’s it, no more spectacular scenery… not from New Zealand anyway… we’re off to LA next!


2 Responses to “Wellington, New Zealand”

  1. Ahhhh… You’ve captured Wellington BEAUTIFULLY!! Like they say, you can’t beat Wellington on a good day. Great post Madam.

  2. David T Says:

    Great blog… thanks for showcasing Wellington so beautifully. The weird building is called The Behive and is part of parliament, although the official stuff still happens in the old buildings… http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/AboutParl/HstBldgs/Buildings/

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