To Picton, New Zealand

July 23, 2012

We are so near the very end of our time in New Zealand, after leaving the Marlborough Sounds (sob) we had one night in Picton before catching our ferry back to Wellington and leaving…

The town is super cute… and one again the weather was gorgeous.

There’s a really great public area around the water…

We spent a whole afternoon wandering around the jetty’s picking out our dream boats. A favourite game. 

Here is mine, a proper sailing yacht with wood panelling. So lovely. 

We managed to squeeze in a lunch at a beautiful vineyard, the main reason we left the sounds and stayed here for a night.

So amazing, read about our Highfield lunch on Full as an Egg


 And we went for a beautiful sunset walk around a lake near to our hostel.


The next day we missed our ferry by minutes having gotten the departure time wrong so we had more time in the Nelson sunshine enjoying savoury scones and coffee at a cafe before jumping on a later ferry, luckily the company took pity on us and let us board another time.

This was, I think our only slip up in three months… not bad I think!

So we found more jetty’s and dreamed over more yachts. 

And this cute cafe sending drinks and ice creams out of the side of a big ship. Love that. 

 And spotted the cutest house, how deep south is this beauty?

We are so nearly at the end people, can you stand anymore beautiful scenery?

I loved little Picton and wished we had more time here.


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