Back to the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

July 20, 2012

So after Kaikoura we headed back to Marlborough for our two days in the Sounds… yup that beautiful place I showed you at the beginning of our trip around the South Island we went back there. This was something we were both really looking forward to, and it really didn’t disappoint.

We drove through Hobbit hills…

And back through the vineyards…

To Picton (which I’ll share more of very soon, such a lovely place).

To get to the furthest parts of the Sounds you have to get a water taxi, there are no roads, only bush paths so you walk it or jump on a boat.

I love that.

So we booked a water taxi (these are not cheap, we very nearly didn’t do this trip because we were only going for two nights it hit our daily budget hard)… 

We had booked one of the lodges that was furthest away, it took about an hour to get there, dropping people off along the way at various stops. Every lodge has it’s own jetty and so do many of the houses.

We stayed outside, the wind and the sunshine kept my seasickness at bay.

A lot of the tourism for the lodges is from walkers and cyclists, a lot of people go to the furthest lodge then make their way back staying at different places every night and walking a few hours every day. I would love to do this one day.

The Marlborough Sounds are so very special. The whole area used to be farmland, and we were told that a while ago the government took all the land back and let it grow back into bush. To compensate the farmers they gave them each a plot of land. These plots are the only plots that will ever be on the Sounds so they are very valuable. Land is at a premium because there is so little of it.

My husband and I grew a little obsessed with this, and day dreamed about moving here the whole time. We even picked up some real estate brochures to take back to his parents who also love New Zealand.

Imagine not needing a car, but a boat instead to get you from A to B.

This below house was just AMAZING. That boat house on the jetty was insane, huge windows and it was just the guesthouse. It was very New England in style, cladded and painted. Beautiful, dream house. They also had a very cute yacht.

The guy who owned it was on our taxi and got off onto his golf cart to drive up the hill to his house.

We arrived at Furneaux Lodge, they met us at the jetty with a golf cart to take our luggage and to take us to our room.

The Sounds really had its best hat on…. not a cloud in the sky with the sun going down.

We decided to walk into the grounds, there’s a long path that leads onto the lawn… we felt immediately at peace on arrival.

The lawns are beautiful, it’s an amazing setting.

The lodge consists of the main house with a restaurant and reception and then the rooms are in outbuildings around the gardens. There are little tiny walkers lodges, mini houses and suites. From basic to plush. They cater for all here.

Our little suite was just over this bridge to the right, you can just see the little outside deck.

We sat in the sunshine with a glass of wine…

And made a new friend, this guy was relentless and we got tired of running around long before he did.

Our suite was perfect, with a huge bed, amazing wetroom and living area. I do love a chaise lounge.

I had stocked up on glossies and we had brought a few snacks of crackers and cheese and fruit and on the first night that’s what we did, no phones, tv or internet and real proper quiet time hanging out on the deck and in our little house.

Bets nights sleep ever.

The next day was our only full day and we were determined to make the most of it with a big bush walk.

This was the view outside of our front door…

We went to the main house to get a big breakfast…

Sitting outside in the sunshine with coffee and eggs and a day of much needed exercise ahead. It felt good.

And exploring the gardens and the beach some more.

You can get married here, using the trees near the beach or this bell for your alter would be amazing don’t you think? (always thinking of weddings!)

We went back to the jetty to jump on the morning taxi to the next lodge and then we walked back (some 3 hours) to ours.

I could have sat here all day like this. I really want to live near water one day.

The boat ride wasn’t very long, the day was perfect quite breezy and clear and the water looked beautiful. I wanted to dive in.

The walk was lovely, and I can see why people do this for their whole holiday, every so often the bush broke and we saw views like this… 



Beautiful flowers… 

We found a secret beach… can you imagine living here as a kid? You could have a huge adventure every day.

We found waterfalls… 

Which we got some water from for our picnic.

We found a picnic table in the middle of no-where, these tracks are very well looked after.

We sat and ate our fruit, cheese and crackers in the complete silence of the bush apart from the very noisy insects.

We found little Marlborough stores along the way, you could buy a hand made walking stick here by leaving a donation in the boxes. 

And this little stand had a cooler filled with cold drinks and home-made flapjacks. Again you leave your donation here. I love that this can still happen somewhere.

We had the most amazing time, after two nights felt so rested and calm, I could have stayed here for weeks eating nice food and drinking local wine, walking through the bush and going out on canoes to spot dolphins, a really idyllic beautiful place and definitely one of the major highlights of the whole three months.

You can see more about Furneaux Lodge here and more about the food we ate on Full as an Egg.


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