Timaru, New Zealand

July 17, 2012

Our next stop was Timaru, and here we treated ourselves to a very lovely night in a B&B, after the student house hostel I was so glad…

Timaru was so very quiet, and so lovely.

This was the view when we pulled up to our next stop.

The colour of the sea was insane.

We stayed at Pleasant View a very modern home, it’s perfectly set out for a B&B with two rooms and a separate living room and mini kitchenette downstairs and the owners living area upstairs so you feel like you’re staying in your very own house.

We sat in the living watching a bit of news that night drinking wine with a lovely French couple who were also staying here.

I cannot recommend Pleasant View enough, the bed was super comfy, the shower hot (and in our room!) the towels nice and fluffy (heaven) and they make great poached eggs, plus a great spread of fruit, cereal and fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning. The hosts couldn’t be lovelier and we left here so refreshed.

Plus Timaru is so cute, the kind of place I imagine is amazing to grow up in where everyone knows each other but the town is big enough to have plenty to do for kids.

And the scenery…

This was a mini walk you could do right from the door of the B&B…

After a rainy (and less than satisfactory hostel) in Dunedin a few minutes here and I was back to being happy to be on such a long trip.

See what I mean? Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

A little hidden cove…

Fields of sheep… England or New Zealand?

Then we walked the other way towards the main town… past this cool lighthouse.

Right over some train tracks…again a lack of fences or anything, I don’t know if people in New Zealand are more blasé about this or more sensible but it is refreshing to see.

Between the beach and the town there was this amazing common ground, it was huge, full of landscaped gardens, play grounds (with amazing slides and climbing frames) shops and cafes, and the cutest amphitheatre… and a fairground! Imagine the different festivals and summer days that could be spent here. The main reason I think it’s a great place to grow up.

We walked into town and ate locally caught scallops and chips and drank some more local wine… then we hurried back to our B&B as this storm was coming in fast…

We watched the lightning and listened to the thunder and went out in the wine, but it stayed the other side of the Bay. It was crazy to watch it that close but for it to not touch us. It cleared so quickly. My kind of storm, it also really broke the humidity and the air got super fresh again.

And the next morning we were on our way…

We only stayed here to break up our journey so had only a few hours in the town so I cannot help with what to do here, we ate at a pub that I cannot remember the name of and shopped at a big discount store the next day to stock up for the rest of our trip and had some walks in the sunshine but there is plenty to do going by the big tourist office in the town and the books of flyers for activities the B&B gave up!


2 Responses to “Timaru, New Zealand”

  1. Many thanks for your kind words Sally. Pleased you enjoyed Timaru.Your blogs are amazing.
    Regards Rosemary and Ian Pleasant View Timaru NZ

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