Te Anau, Dunedin and Oamaru, New Zealand

July 16, 2012

From Queenstown we went up to the Fjords…

We only stayed in Te Anau one night so unfortunately we didn’t have time to explore them, but we saw some lovely sights on the way through.

The weather was horrid though, all low clouds (you could almost touch them) so we had a night in playing board games and eating new discoveries from the supermarket.


This yoghurt was like a meal, they are so full of good stuff.

Then we hit Dunedin… another rainy evening… this photograph was for everyone at home to make them feel better about us being away for so long…

But eventually the rain did clear, we had some pick skies…

I loved the Victorian buildings… Dunedin is a university town and our hostel although lovely… is not somewhere I would recommend, I actually felt like I was a student again. It was that kind of house.

We loved the art gallery…

And ate a beautiful lunch there, my chicken pot pie was lush…

And my husband had a lovely warming jambalaya.

We liked Dunedin and went for big walks exploring the city, we even spent one afternoon lost in an industrial estate thanks to my wandering-loving husband… he just loves to walk and will keep walking forever, I tire way before him… but I have a feeling we didn’t see it’s best side, it seemed quiet but we may have been there early in the week, and the fact that we didn’t love our hostel meant we were glad to move on.

Then we headed to our next stop driving through the crazy steampunk town of Oamaru…

With amazing big buildings… I wonder how much effort went into building these, I mean we are so far South… I can’t imagine how on earth it was done!


I am so glad we stopped in this crazy town, it was so amazing and weird!

This area seemed to be old factories and warehouses taken over by a bunch of artists and local shops. There was a market on when we visited and lots of arty shops and galleries were having an open day… there was also tons of people dressed up like Victorians.


We only stopped for lunch which was a shame as we couldn’t indulge in some whiskey…


Beautiful banks!


We also found this cute cafe, where we had a really lovely snacky lunch.

Then spotted this cafe on our way out, gutted we didn’t eat here!


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