To Queenstown, New Zealand

July 9, 2012

Please bear with me with this post… I loved Queenstown, we were lucky with the weather and it’s insanely beautiful so there are a lot of photographs.

The drive there was one of the best, until this point I didn’t think it could get more beautiful but when we hit the lakes I realised I was wrong.


I mean these things are like seas they are so big.


We must have stopped 50 times on this day and taken about 200 photographs.


Just before we reached the last stretch of road (through mountains) before Queenstown we found the cutest town… called Wanaka, stop here for sure I wished we could have stayed a night.

I had a little paddle.


It also had a huge lake with a little pontoon and there were so many kids playing and swimming, so idyllic.


We stopped to refuel…

Then went through the mountains…

We had treated ourselves to a lake view studio here, after weeks of hostels it was amazing. We had a big squishy bed, a tv, crisp white sheets and soft white towels. Bliss.


This was the view up the mountain, just opposite is the gym and the hot tub for the apartments.

The view.

We went straight out to explore the town, my Husband had been here before so was eager to show me around.

We went for a little walk by the lake, not around that would take weeks.



Then went and found a nice restaurant with a view for some dinner…

Another stand out meal you can read about at Full as an Egg


We also ate some ice cream…

We had to visit some vineyards of course.

This one had a deli…

You can sit and have a picnic overlooking the vines.


I recommend taking a tour if you have the time, you get driven around then and can drink all the wine you like.


We brought some wine and cheese to take back to have a hotel bed picnic… I loved sitting on the balcony with my glass of wine and a glossy.

Queenstown is an adventure sports mecca, that bridge is where you can bungee jump… not me, no thanks!

This vineyard was our favourite, just opposite the bridge… how European looking is the building?

Chard Farm… I highly recommend.

And more recommendations… Vudu Cafe was a good spot, with tables by the lake in the sunshine…

With delicious food… this burrito was great. I could so eat that right now!

And another… The Cow in Cow Lane was so cute I had to eat there…

They did amazing pizza.

And we ate even more ice cream…

In between all the eating we did manage to do stuff…

I jumped out of a plane.


I had decided that I was going to be brave on this trip, I mentioned this before and in Thailand although I failed to scuba dive I did (mostly) conquer my fear of the sea and we also had a sky dive on our honeymoon which COUNTLESS people bought for me… thanks people!

I was scared in the days running up to Queensland, realising it was getting close and when we arrived I didn’t want to book it. I was super relieved that it was cancelled on the first day… but then we woke up the next morning to this kind of day and I knew it was futile to resist.


Weirdly once I had booked and decided to do it all my fear melted away. I am 100% not lying about this, I wasn’t scared at all. It was weird.

Here I am with my fellow jumpers, learning how to jump.

Getting suited up. Nice huh? 😉

So all day I am thinking okay once I am there I’ll get scared. Didn’t happen… Then I thought once I get my suit on I’ll get scared, didn’t happen. Then I though okay once we are getting on the plane… again I wasn’t scared. I was just excited.


Adam had already done this dive but once I got dressed and went he was upset not to be doing it again, he loved it the first time (even though he was super scared!)

His story was that he was scared then flying up in the plane he asked if they were there yet and was told half-way… then he was terrified.

This same scenario happened in my plane… but the guy opposite me was asking it, he did go a bit green when they said halfway… but me? Still not scared.
Don’t believe me?

Do I look scared? (Can you tell I am proud of this)

So here I say to my jumper guy, I’ll get scared when you hang me out of the plane I am sure…

I didn’t, that was my favourite part.

See my face in the below photograph, I think that was finally when I was like… OOOOOH I am very very high in the sky.

I didn’t enjoy the tumbling at all.

 Then they release the stabilising parachute (the little one) and you fall looking down, with your cheeks flapping and see those views? Amazing.


As you may know I get motion sickness, this was pretty bad for the rest of the day… I was so dizzy as well.

But it was amazing, I highly recommend you do it… I am quite scared of heights… I can’t even go up a ladder but this is different somehow, you are just attached to a professional and you don’t really have to do much.

I did my sky dive with N Zone (as did my Husband and his sister a few years earlier) and cannot recommend them highly enough.

After this we went on the skyline… this actually did scare me. Go figure.

Right there… I was scared.

If you don’t want to do a sky dive definitely come up here the views are almost as good.

 Queenstown is amazing, if you visit New Zealand do not skip this town.

We stayed in a great apartment but I saw better after getting there and I will try to find some to add here later.

Watch Full as an Egg this week for restaurant recommendations.


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  2. bakearama Says:

    Love love love this place! Beautiful photos as well.

    Congratulations on your sky dive!! I’m surprised you’d do that and not the bungee bridge – bungee is a lot less high (although I’ve done that myself, and whoa! Proud of myself but wouldn’t do it again 🙂 )

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