To Greymouth, New Zealand

July 4, 2012

From Nelson we drove to Greymouth… this is a town I remember fondly but was quite industrial and there wasn’t a huge amount to do other than go for huge walks, which I think is the main reason people come here. There was a super cute frontier looking town just before it where I wish we could have checked out…

Anyway another one of those drives up the windy New Zealand roads, stopped a lot to take photos of beautiful views like below…

We kind of risked our lives for these shots, on a bridge where there was no room for both us and a lorry.

Worth it.

This is a strange ‘one horse’ kinda town we stopped in to eat a picnic lunch and have a break from driving…

As grey as it was in the town we drove to a nearby beach to see a seal colony and it was glorious again…


We didn’t see loads of seals but if you look carefully there is one in the below photographs…

We also stopped here to see some cool pancake rocks and blowholes… and get an ice cream.


I have no idea how many photographs we have of this place, there is a great little walk through a mini-bush then you come out to this… well worth a visit.

Then we arrived in Greymouth, like I said it’s quite industrial and the whole town is set around the railway… you can really imagine life here 100 years ago or so, when it would have been a real frontier all the way up here on the South Island



We wandered around for a while looking for somewhere to eat and found this pub that looked a little like a labour club or something… outside and in.

But they had local beer (the Brewery was near our hostel)…

And wine… not so local but near enough.

And we went for a classic ‘New Zealand’ dinner…

Fish and chips! It is funny how you can really see the English influence on life here, fish and chips and ginger beer are proper classic here just like they are at home.

Crispy battered west coat turbot house slaw, and lemon mayo and tomato sauce, this was cute served in frying baskets…

There was a nice walk from our hostel around the harbour, and they also had canoes to borrow but you had to get in at high tide or you were going no-where… the river that went alongside the hostel was tidal.

There was also a lovely pebble beach where you can find Jade coloured pebbles, we found some pale green ones which we kept but no special green ones.

From this beach there is a big walk to a pub in the next cove but it looked too hardcore for me in my Toms shoes… really best advice for New Zealand is take some proper walking boats or at least proper trainers.

So a nice stop for one night, it’s definitely a frontier town which was fun to experience and a great stop if you are a walker.


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