Nelson – New Zealand

July 3, 2012

Our first drive on the South Island was just picture perfect.

We drove past vineyard after vineyard, with lots of little stands at the side of the road selling cherry’s.

We found it hard not to just keep taking photographs as we drove, it was all so beautiful.

We stopped for lunch at the lovely Slip Inn

 Enjoying this view…

While we ate these beauties…

And these…

I swooned after more cute houses when we went for an early evening walk.

I loved this victorian beauty with the HUGE tree on the front lawn. Just beautiful.

Then we went to the centre of New Zealand…

We walked through this lovely neighbourhood park…

And up and around the hill… we were told Mum’s walk this with their kids and it was easy… granted I wasn’t at my peak of fitness but don’t even believe a Kiwi when they say it’s easy… their ‘easy’ is our ‘difficult’!

Still we needed exercise and the walk was lovely and so worth it.

We were rewarded with these views at the top…

Lord of the Rings!

Then we ate dinner at this lovely square that evening… see here for the dinner.

Nelson is a lovely town, and I wish we could have stayed longer to explore it more. I saw countless places I wanted to eat at.

But we had to move on the very next morning. 


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