Sydney, the city – Australia

June 29, 2012

So this is Sydney from the plane… I was a bit shocked at just how big it is… the city goes on for ever.

From the airport we jumped on the sky train into the centre as the very big old railway station was minutes from our hostel.

My husband loves to walk and explore, which is pretty much what we did straight away…

I love the mix of old buildings right next to glossy skyscrapers.

The Circular Quay and Rocks area are so good for shopping…

This bookshop was a stand out place, I had to pull myself out I certainly did not have room in my bags for books, or the weight allowance on the flights!

We found an amazing little market here too where we managed to get presents for our Mum’s and Gran all at once (beautiful handmade jewelery) and this mini cupcake which I couldn’t resist.

Swooning over Gucci bicycles… if only…

And as ever the Louis Vuitton window displays were very fun, this store had animals made from bags, the duck was cute but the croc was huge.

More lovely old houses near The Rocks.

And lots of big old churches.

We even went on a bus tour one cloudy day, which was fun for me to see all the city and get my bearings.

The famous Kings Cross Coca Cola sign is very cool…

Iconic, at night.

I really fell in love with the old Victorian Sydney houses in the centre. So pretty. Kind of a mix of English and American styles – which is how Australia feels to me in general.

We visited the fish market – a must do if you like seafood. See my full post here

We also visited the city’s own Hyde Park… which is teeny compared to ours!

You must visit the Queen Victoria Building… the shopping is pretty good around here but it’s the building itself that is worth seeing. So beautiful.

And the Christmas tree was so amazing… it reached from the top to the bottom of the building.

Stained glass and beautiful floor details…

We also ate dinner at the Westfield Tower, as a wedding present from one of Adam’s best men which was amazing. The tower spins round very slowly so you get a 360 degree view of the city.

I recommend splashing out on drinks here.

Thanks Nick!

Our last few days in the city were glorious sunshine that made us want to stay forever.

We left the same way we arrived, by train then plane. And off to New Zealand!

And so ends our whistle stop tour of Sydney… Next week I am getting too New Zealand!


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