Sydney, the beaches – Australia

June 27, 2012

Back to Australia’s best feature (maybe?) the beaches… there are tons of amazing near Sydney and I only saw a handful.

This is Bondi, which I didn’t love but there are lots of nice bars and cafes and restaurants nearby it’s probably very much the place to be seen.

There are so many sea pools in Australia, I think mostly because the sea isn’t always safe to swim in for multiple reasons, from stories about jellyfish, sharks and waves I can understand the need to stay out.

The walk from Bondi to Coogee is definitely something you should do if you visit Sydney, the walk is easy you cannot get lost and you see lots of beaches…

The waves were pretty strong in the AM, there were several people knocked into the pool by this big one…

The path takes you through this graveyard.

I don’t know what this beach is called but there were tons of BBQ’s and pavilions and children’s play parks around it and it was nice and sheltered and mini. A really nice beach.

The other thing I loved about the walk is looking at all the amazing beach houses.

There was a big sailing club at one cove, so many boats.

Then Coogee which I think was my favourite beach in Sydney, and everyone elses. It was very busy.

Another outdoor pool…

The amazing Chish and Fips


The amin attraction is Sydney, my good friend Johnny Fash lives here… which is why we kept coming back to this beach… this is the view from his apartment block roof. Jealous much?

The amazing curry he cooked for us…

Hmmm this post was a dangerous one to write, all I can think of now is getting back on a plane so I can lie on that beach again!


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