The Weekend…

June 18, 2012

I hope you all had a great weekend, here are some of my instagrams from mine…

Currently Obsessed with this mozzarella Salad (it is what you can see) and my leopard print wedges from Topshop


I set up for a 21st Birthday Party and a pom pom filled wedding at the riverstation


A mini date night with my husband, we went for dinner locally then watched movies on the sofa.

Fish and chips and a banana split = good date!


Getting up early on Saturday and making a bakery run to Marks Bread to make these eggs was so worth it…


Even if I did get chased down the road by a morris dancer taking his flyering job for the Strawberry Fayre very seriously…


Getting leftover flowers from the riverstation to brighten my mantlepiece and more shoes from Topshop… these pink denim studded loafers are currently being broken in…


Eating metallic macaroons (salted caramel, cdark chocolate and praline YUM) and drinking coffee on the sofa with Biggie the cat…


Leaving the house early again on Sunday morning in the sunshine to set up for another wedding at riverstation


It was a simple set up with little decor and a wedding cake of cheese…


Before mooching up Gloucester Road to meet my Husband for coffee and cake at Boston Tea Party… that cheesecake is my favourite.


Plus bagel munching and blogging and a baked Camembert for dinner. A good weekends eating was had for sure.


I love instagram, I am more than obsessed! You can follow me by searching @sallytelford.



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