Byron Bay – Part Two

June 14, 2012

 The second half of our week in Byron was even more amazing than the first…

We saw beautiful sand sculptures at night…

Had some great picnics by the beach, I was obsessed with this juice…

This halloumi sandwich was form the corner shop… insane. It was so good. Not only is the coffee amazing in Australia so is the food options… no soggy supermarket sandwiches to be seen.

We enjoyed the garden at our B&B – Baystay

And ate tons of amazing fresh fruit for breakfast most days…

As well as some naughty tasty treat to balance this out. Loved the breakfasts at Baystay so much.

We ate more gelato… not every night but… okay every night, well you would too if you had to walk past this every night.

Saw even more amazing cars. This is actually my dream car, white E Type Jaguar with red leather seats and amazing wheels (I met one once when I was about 13 and ever since I have loved them) 

Wished we lived in beautiful neighbourhoods like this one…

In a cute house with an arch like this…

Or a lovely cladded house like this one…

Spotted houses for sale… and dreamt…

And ones with Ozzie Christmas decorations…

On Christmas Eve we ate a beautiful simple dinner or prawns and asparagus from the BBQ hosted by the B&B… Baystay (seriously cannot recommend this place enough!)

Also the owners Son proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Day so we were able to celebrate with them a little the next day as well. Such a lovely thing to hear about on our honeymoon. He took her on an early morning walk to the beach and his Mum had hidden a bottle of Champagne behind some rocks for them.

With an amazing idea for a simple salad; cucumber and mango with coriander.

We woke up on Christmas Day in our little pad to the most amazing sunshine and opened our presents and cards.

My husband had wrapped mine so beautifully. I loved the travel stamped paper.

We opened the bubbles the B&B gave us and made Mimosas

And ate our breakfast in bed, croissants and lots of fruit, yogurt and granola purchased the day before.

Then we headed to the beach for a mini picnic

I will remember this Christmas Day forever.

We really missed our family and friends but I cannot tell you how special it was to be just the two of us on our honeymoon on our first Christmas together and I know it is going to make this year at home all the more special.

Then we BBQ’d at our B&B eating probably the healthiest Christmas dinner we will ever eat; BBQ prawns, wholemeal pittas, salad and halloumi.

We did manage to find some mince pies too!

Then we decided to go back to the lighthouse again…

The views are immense.

And be up here on such a gorgeous day was worth it.

I love this photograph, it completely epitomizes Australian beaches to me; huge, spotless and pretty untouched.

We got back to central Byron at dusk


It was a beautiful evening but the wind was picking up which meant everyone was at the beach.

Because the waves were huge! There were only a couple of surfers brave enough and they were getting pulled out by speedboats. My photographs didn’t pick them up but this was so cool to watch, they were very talented guys.

And on Christmas Day night we went to the Italian on the Pacific, which I really wanted to write a full post about but my photos are very dark. We drank beautifully made cocktails, ate amazing tuna tartare and I had the most tender beef fillet and we shared their famous tiramisu.

I highly recommend you visit for a special dinner if you go to Byron Bay. We then had a moonlit walk back to Baystay before leaving the next day to go to Sydney.

I was so very sad to leave, I would love to spend some more time here.


Such an amazing first Christmas as a married couple, just the two of us in a sunny amazing town.

I love Byron… here are my recommendations;

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My favourite cafe – The Top Shop

O – Sushi


The Owl and the Pussycat


St Elmo


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