Compare Me

May 22, 2012

Do you ever compare yourself and your life to others? Do you beat yourself up about anything? Everything?

I have always done this a lot, I am getting better at not, or doing it still but realising what I have is amazing but I would like to just stop.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, and trying to write this post for weeks. It has gone from essay to short post and back again.

Then last week I saw all the Things I’m Afraid to Tell You posts, and read a lot of them and it has been a revelation.

I read a lots of blogs and this is one area where I really do beat myself up, I absolutely love blogging and I hope to dedicate more time to it soon.

I am planning on a rebuild, a relaunch and stepping things up a little… this is going to take time so don’t expect to see any changes just yet. I read others and see what they are doing and get jealous, but instead of getting upset or cross about this from now on I am going to turn it around and use that energy to make mine better. Inspiration instead of jealous lets say.

But it’s not just in the virtual world, in the gym is one of my biggest places comparing myself and my body and how I do in class. Again this is something I am resolving right now to stop and instead concentrate on what I am doing.
It’s not healthy and does nothing but make you feel bad. This morning I found myself berating myself for only going to one class instead of two. I know how ridiculous that sounds but I did. I should have gone to two, but for many reasons decided not too, then got cross with myself.

We all do this everyday, because I have been thinking about this I have noticed how often I do it, comparing myself to strangers and friends and what they have and what I have.

I know everyone does it… and I am trying to look at everything I do have and it has helped so much, I bet it will for you too and you know that while you are looking at your friend or the amazing fashion model in Vogue or someone in your dream job they could be looking back at you thinking the exact same thing.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope it’s something you remember to do. We are all only human, none of us are any better than anyone else and we all beat ourselves up too much. So I am going to stop it.

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