Brisbane – Australia

May 17, 2012

 Our first day in Australia was spent recovering from our flight and chilling with our friends (who we were staying with in Brisbane) but on our second day we drove up to the gold coast and I saw the Australia I know from Home and Away.

I mean I literally felt like I was in Home and Away.

Australia’s beaches are so big and so so clean.

I really liked Brisbane, as you do when you are away comparing it to Home, to Bristol I felt there were similarities as well as differences. Really loved it here.

We ate amazing breakfasts at home and out.

Drank amazing coffee. Serious, Ozzies are so crazy for coffee, but only for good coffee. I don’t think I had an average cup the whole time we were there.

Ditto with the food, it seemed to be so good everywhere. Very little junk food really, or if it was junk food, e.g. pizza, pies and burgers they were still amazing. No one stands are crappy food in Australia it seems.

Ate at a restaurant dedicated to gyoza. A. Maze. Ing. I want one.

And ate the best sushi I ever had. Until LA maybe.

I loved Australia’s houses, again just like TV; Neighbours and Home and Away. The classic Queenlanders.

Cute details everywhere. I hope people didn’t mind me snapping.

Went to the beautiful Modern Art museum on Brisbane’s Southbank, which looks and feels so similar to London! Highly recommend this if you are. Just don’t go super hungover like we did. We didn’t last long.

We stayed with friends here for a week and it really was lovely, it was so nice to be in a home after 6 weeks away and be able to make food and drinks when we wanted, and eat snacks rather than meals. So lovely to see our friends who live here now, and we also hung out at their parents amazing house right the corner, swimming in the pool and hanging out on the deck looking out over the city.

More amazing food, the Ozzies are good at salads. Really good. I will share this recipe over on Full as an Egg – made by my friend Carla.

 Also the most amazing farmers market, it was HUGE. So much produce, the fruit was insane. And so many food stalls too. I was majorly jealous.


You could even get your eyebrows threaded!


We also drank a lot this week, what is it about catching up with old friends who you never see that makes you drink, A LOT. Many amazing cocktail bars in Brisbane.

A beautiful city.

On our last night before we drove down to Byron Bay we had this amazing sky…

And this amazing amazing amazing meal from Alex, Carla’s husband, I will also be making and sharing this on Full as an Egg soon.


It might not be a holiday destination but the Gold Coast is nearby (not my thing but lots of beaches and hotels) it has an airport and Byron Bay which is so lovely (post to come soon) is just under two hours away. Brisbane has amazing food, so many cute places to eat and drink again see Full as an Egg in the coming weeks and great shopping. There’s even a Chanel. Oh Yes.

My recommendations;
Super Butcher
Harajuka Gyoza


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