Thailand – Bangkok

May 1, 2012

So we have hit our last stop in Thailand… Bangkok.

We arrived via the huge train station comparable to British stations in it grandness, very different in terms of the sheer number of homeless in and around the station. Heartbreaking how many of them were children.

We jumped straight on to the sky train and found our hotel which was funnily enough a few streets away from Soi Cowboy, one of the main strips of bars with bar girls hustling outside. Very strange.

We found a pub near our hotel where we waited for our friend to take somewhere better… but they did have cider. My husband was very happy about this. They also had a Sun. You can always find an English pub huh!

Bangkok is like no city I have ever been too, huge, chaotic, filthy and spotless at the same time.

That wave building was our first hotel. Sky scrapers right next to tiny houses and even temporary huts.

We were staying right next to a sky train station, so so handy. It doesn’t go everywhere in the city, they also have an underground train, but it was handy for a couple of districts where we hung out.

After staying in the hotel for a couple of nights we moved to a hostel, which was actually really good. We decided to save some cash since we were going to be out a lot. It had the best location, like I said next to the sky train but also on one of the best known street food Soi’s.

All the food we ate here was pretty amazing.

Every night the street was packed with vendors and every seat taken, we saw the biggest BMW’s and Mercedes’ pulling up full of young glamorous Thai’s as well as workers heading home to eat here, a real mix of people.

Now my Husband is working for himself, and started last year there were days here and there where he had to do some work. One of those times happened on a gorgeous day in the city, I took myself off to the biggest malls and found the Mandarin Oriental restaurant where I treated myself to a cappuccino and some amazing scones.

Not very Thailand, but very Bangkok. Check out my reading material.

We went to lots of amazing bars for cocktails…

We went to Bed Supperclub… this guy was playing. Shame.

We visited Ko San Road purely because this is where the backpackers stay, and where my Husband stayed the first time he visited Thailand. It was fun to visit, and everything is definitely cheaper here so if you’re on a budget it’s probably the place to stay, eat and drink. It might not be the best for a honeymoon though so I am glad we stayed elsewhere.

One thing you gotta do in Bangkok? Rooftop bars.

This is the best, you arrive through a lift and come out of that dome before descending the stairs to the restaurant and bar.

There are staff greeting you the whole way. Get dressed up (so glad I brought my heels at this point) and go for cocktails… I would say though I have heard that the food isn’t great and it really is so expensive so just have cocktails and eat elsewhere.

Expect to pay around £10 a drink.

The views are worth it.

You are right by the river.

We were lucky enough to visit on a full moon, it was a festival atmosphere that night. Amazing.

One more tip, it’s quite windy and can get chilling so take something to wrap up in when you get up there.

So after this instead of spending £100 on a mediocre dinner here we went to dinner in Chinatown and spend £20 and ate a feast.

Another amazing day was spending time as a tourist and visiting all the temples and the Royal Palace.
We got a sky train to the river then jumped on a boat, a great way to see the city is to use as many different forms of transport as possible; the sky train as you get a higher view, the boats, taxis and tuk tuk to explore the side streets and see what you won’t any other way.

The temples are insane, so much gold.

They made my jaw drop, I was in silence for pretty much the whole day.

You should always be respectful when visiting the temples and you are advised to cover up. Many people don’t which shocked me. The Thai’s are very religious so please take care not to offend. I wore long trousers and a tee but took a huge scarf with me to wrap around me whenever we entered a temple. This will not cut it in the temple though so make sure you read the rules, they are very strict.

So glad I did, people were praying and making offerings and I would have been so embarrassed.

This Buddha was the best. Is it enormous. Again jaw dropping and silence.

Another sight I loved about the city was that you see smiling monks just going about their day everywhere.

As a female they are not supposed to sit near you on transport and there is always seats reserved for them at the front boats and trains.

You gotta love the pink taxis; the national colour.

We were also lucky enough to visit on the Kings birthday, the Thais adore their royal family and you must never say anything offensive about them to a Thai, they would be more than upset.

The birthday was a huge celebration and there were pretty lights on the roads surrounding the palace.

Then we jumped back on a boat and watched an amazing sunset as we headed back.

Then the full moon lit up the sky. A beautiful sight.

On our last night we met up with our friend Jack and a big group of his ex-pat friends and went to an amazing riverside bar drinking bubbles and the most beautiful cocktails I have had in Thailand.

A fond memory, watching the sun go down and dreaming of moving to the city to join them.



I could live like that I tell you!  

I didn’t fall immediately in love with Bangkok but it really grew on me and writing this I do miss it, we were there for a short time with a base and I really feel like I saw its best and worst parts.


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  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after browsing through many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

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