I want a peplum

April 10, 2012

I do, all I want is a white cotton tee, the kind I live in generally but with a little peplum.

Have you seen one? Can you help me find one?

So far this is a winner, but it’s a little (!) more than I want to spend on a tee that generally lasts a summer then has to be binned as it’s no longer sparkling white.

Marc Jacobs at Shopbop

This little beauty however is very much endanger of going on my credit card… it’s what it’s for right? I am obsessed… for the past 2 months have kept looking at it, going to buy it then stopping myself.

It will be mine.


Mostly because of customs duties… anyone know if it has hit our shores yet?

Have also seen my of my fave inspiration bloggers in it… I must have it!

It will be mine.

9 – 5 Chic

This one is also lovely… From Alice and Olivia. UK high street where are you?



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