Rawai Palm Beach

March 29, 2012

This was my Birthday hotel… and it was not open yet. We didn’t realise when we booked this, but luckily found out before we arrived so it wasn’t a nasty surprise and ended up being really nice as we were their first customers and we were on our honeymoon we were treated like real VIP’s.

Everyone else staying at the hotel over this weekend were family or friends and guests of the owner, we were all guinea pigs.

The best thing? We got the best room in the place.

This was my tub… the first thing you see when you walk in.

Our lovely sink area. With tons of towels and slippers.

And robes, you know how much I like a good robe in a hotel room.

That led into the main room…


Our huge bed with the obligatory swan towels (love that).

The rooms here have a great big seating area by huge windows that led outside.

I spent my birthday taking a bath, swimming in the pool and generally being very lazy.

Yes. Outside is your little terrace which leads into a little plunge pool for when it gets too hot, which then leads into the main pool. So cool.

Room service all the way! Like I said we were some of the only guests and although sometimes it’s nice to be fussed over sometimes it’s annoying so we ordered in and hung out in our room.

My Mai Tai came in a pineapple, love that. It was also super strong!

The pool had these crazy big stone heads everywhere, and little platforms for climbing and sunbathing. It’s going to a great pool for kids to have adventures in.

They also have a very cute little play area and fake beach for smaller children. It’s definitely a resort for families.

On my birthday night the owners threw a big dinner for local importants and their guests. It was amazing, this big fish baked in salt was my favourite thing.

The one hundred different types of squid my husbands favourite thing.

Tons of pretty fruit plates.  

Cakes, and custard hearts.

I went and got a plate of all the cakes, they were just so pretty…

Not knowing that this was about to arrive for me, the whole party sang me happy birthday which was so lovely (and of course I went bright pink) celebrating your birthday so far away from home is sometimes tough but this made up for it.

And we ate a few pretty breakfasts here too, another huge hotel buffet with everything you could want.

And nearby was this amazing sunset spot… literally hundreds of people come every night to check it out. There were young couples, whole families and groups of teenagers.

And some bad news for Phuket… and my husband while we were here too.

So I can highly recommend Rawai Palm Beach for a couple of days R&R or for a family holiday, great if you love sitting in the sunshine drinking cocktails and dipping in and out of the pool. There is a small strip of restaurants nearby and if you have transport there are a few nice spots around to check out, but don’t go here for lively nightlife it’s not for that.


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