Hua Hin – Thailand

March 16, 2012

Friday friday friday!! So happy you are here!

A little look back at our visit to Hua Hin in Thailand today, it was our ‘honeymoon spot’ in that we treated ourselves to a posh resort in a resort kinda town to just chill out for a few days after jetting about the islands before we went to Bangkok.

Getting there was our worst journey yet… we had the classic Thailand breakdown after deciding to take a bus.

It was supposed to be a 4-5 hour journey at most, I think we ended up taking the whole day, into the night.

When a bus breaks down in Thailand they don’t send a replacement, you just have to wait while they fix in. After a few false starts our driver gave up and called for help.

Luckily were by a little roadside place so I tried to not get grumpy by drinking fanta and reading my book while we waited… and waited, and waited.

Finally the next bus was about to drive past us and they arranged for it to stop and pick us up. Amazing. We even got a seat.

We arrived at our hotel at about eleven o clock after being dumped way outside of Hua Hin. Luckily my Husband is amazing and found us a taxi even in a deserted spot in the middle of no-where.

Hua Hin is very touristy, it is where Thai’s holiday as well as foreigners. The Royal Family even have homes here.

On our first  night here we visited an amazing night market… I drank beer (!) and we wandered around stalls eating bits of everything.

I didn’t eat any bugs though… I am never going to be able to eat bugs. I could barely look at them to take this photograph.

This was where I spent most of my time while we were here. It was ridiculously hot here, we had two pool areas and this one was away from the sea with little or no breeze.

Amazing though, my tan got real good after our time here. I have never been so tanned in all my life… fully spf’d up I must add, I am at least a 30 spf girl, higher on my face.


Beautiful pink skies happened most nights in Hua Hin.

One evening when shopping we found a wine bar, that turned out to be a bar from a vineyard just an hour from Hua Hin, so I got to enjoy some beautiful wine and cheese here, and more at the Vineyard as they have buses take you from their bar.

Thailand has this great sushi chain as well, it is something around £5 for all you can eat sushi and soup you make yourself at your table by chosing a base and dropping different things in from the conveyor belt. It’s great too, so busy that everything is fresh and it’s being replaced all the time.

I loved the crazy 7-11 drinks in Thailand. Neon!

We also got a chance to go the vineyard in Hua Hin, owned by a son of the Red Bull tycoon. It was amazing. More on that on Full as an Egg very soon.

Lots of ice cream parlours in Hua Hin, love that. This is coconut and chocolate.

 Lots of places for drinks too. Lots!

This was the road we left on to go to the station, decorated for the Kings Birthday which was happening while we were in Bangkok, beautiful lanterns all the way up the main entrance to the town.

The station here is amazing, lots of people come just to look.

We booked a first class seat which as far as we could tell just meant we got a cup of cola and a weird fruit pastry thing. but the train was so much better than the bus, beautiful countryside and no breakdowns.

Hua Hin is great, very touristy and lots of huge resorts, it can also get sleazy if you hit the wrong street after dark but we had a wonderful hotel which I’ll share more of soon that none of that mattered we just enjoyed that and the amazing markets and the vineyard. I can see why it the Bangkok weekend away spot, a two-hour train or 3 hour drive and you’re by the sea in the sun.

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, you cannot swim in the sea here, and the beach disappeared when the tide is in but great for a few days of luxury bliss. Fond memories for me for sure.


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