Koh Lak- Thailand

March 9, 2012

To cheer myself up on this very grey Bristol day I am going to tell you about Koh Lak.

Take a look at this…


This was the main street, we hired a moped for our time here and spent lots of time zipping up to the main strip of restaurants from our hotel.

We stayed in a little guesthouse kind of hotel, that shared a pool with the next door hotel, it was a proper sun trap and a place I spent a few hot mornings sheltering from the sun and diving in the cool water wherever I couldn’t take it anymore.

Generally this was after eating a mound of French toast at breakfast… I needed a lie down after eating this. So good.

We are on mainland Thailand so found a little bit of jungle and had a walk to explore.

I finally got to get on a tuk tuk here as well, and I have to say I prefer the moped!

It was fun but I felt like the guys bike was going to detach from us at any moment.

We ate at the most typical Thai looking restaurant ever…

And ate delicious Thai curries.

And the best part was that we went to the Similan Islands on a snorkeling trip.

You start the day at the dive shop, with coffee and doughnuts and The Times, little shouts of home like this were great this far into the trip.

I have mentioned before I get seasick, I am never normally sick but the Similans are an hour away by speed boat so I was pretty ill this time.

This is me after we arrived on the large dive boat… where we spent the day. It wasn’t too bad but I never felt great on the boat.

This is why it was all worth while.

We spent an hour snorkeling in the above bay, and after my experience on Phi Phi I was confident and enjoyed every minute of it and saw tons of fish and an octopous! Amazing, amazing.

Then we boarded the dive boat again (which stays at the Similans during the dive season and people do live-a-boards, meaning they stay here for a few nights) and had lunch, a huge buffet of amazing Thai dishes plus tons of fresh fruit and biscuits which were the saviour to my seasickness that day.

Then we went on the desk and put our feet up for a snooze before our second swim.

An amazing day, highly recommend getting to the Similans, they are a protected national park too so very unspoilt which can be rare in Thailand.

Colourful fishing boats great us when we arrive back on dry land.

My husband spotted this gem (?) for sale. Luckily I get sea sick so we couldn’t even think of buying it.

I should also mention that while we were staying here there was a bikers convention. There were Harley’s everywhere much to my Husbands delight, who is obsessed with motorbikes.

There were also bikers everywhere which was strange, hanging in the pool with 10 bikers and their girls was quite funny to say the least… the things I heard!

And the main reason I think you should visit Koh Lak and why it is so under-rated… the beach.

Pretty perfect huh?

We spent most days here at least for a little while, there is an amazing spot right at the end of all the restaurants where we ate some amazing fish and had this view.

And then after eating a ton of food we hit the sun loungers where I had this view…

And massage huts all behind where I had the best massage for £6.

My girl literally had a queue of people build up while I was having my massage, well-known even with tourists.

And I have to mention the sky here, we had one afternoon where these clouds appeared from no-where and we hot-footed it back to the hotel.

It was still blazing sunshine in the other direction but the storms come quick here.


I loved Koh Lak, there is a main strip with a ton of restaurant and dive schools and lots of little guesthouses and hostels as well as amazing resorts right on the beach where I believe you get so much more for your money than you would somewhere much more well-known like Phuket.

And that beach… I am dreaming of it today.


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