Beverley Hills Hotel Wedding

March 7, 2012

An iconic hotel! I am not normally into ‘hotel weddings’ but this is no ordinary hotel…

The wedding portraits are too cool. I love the colours, you can immediately tell where they are.

Oh. Gosh. I die, this dress is so amazing.

Her back just looks beautiful.

Love it.

Seen at Inspired By photos by Yvette Roman


3 Responses to “Beverley Hills Hotel Wedding”

  1. yvette roman Says:

    Hi! I am so thrilled that my photos were featured on your blogpost! This was a very special wedding, and I am so glad that you liked it so much. I would very much appreciate a photo credit! I looked all over your blog and couldn’t find an email address… Thank you in advance for this…so appreciated – Yvette Roman

  2. yvette roman Says:

    No Problem you are the SWEETEST!!! XOXOXOXO

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