Krabi – Thailand

March 5, 2012

Monday Morning needs some Thailand memories.

We are now in Krabi, not somewhere I had ever heard of as a big destination but I really loved it.

We are back on the mainland, in a town/province that was devastated by the tsunami in 2004. It has mostly recovered but you can see little reminders everywhere, they also have some memorials.

I don’t think this boat is here because of the tsunami but it’s definitely redundant.

And lots of buildings looking worse for wear, again we were not sure if was directly due to the tsunami, although local fishermen told us it was.

The main town has crazy traffic lights.

You should definitely visit the night market, it’s more food to eat than ingredients to make food at home. There are a ton of tables all around the various stalls where you can eat your choices.

It was rammed with Thai people, from young couples on mopeds to whole families eating bits from every stall. It’s part of people’s food life here.

Mystery meat on a stick anyone?

This lady was the scary chicken satay stall holder. We hovered for a moment and were ordered to sit and eat. Although she was bossy we were glad we did.

And here is where we had the best Pad Thai in the whole of our trip. 30 Baht. This little old lady just makes Pad Thai. Nothing else. I think this is the key to a good one.

It’s not pretty but it was so good. I wish I could pop out for a Pad Thai on my lunch for this price.

Truth is I’d pay 5 times as much and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good. Bristol can we get a great Thai restaurant please?

Then we ate this crazy crepe nutella thing… it was like some deep-fried pancake, and pushed me over the edge at the night market.

The next day we visited the actual market and my husband also had to try some fried chicken and I had to steal a bite. It’s not something I ever eat at home unless I make it myself but this was proper. So good.

These. I miss these. We even cooked up a plan to open a stall at home selling these chinese doughnuts with their green sauce, which I think is just sugar.

I first tried them on a cookery tour of a market and quickly got addicted.

I think this massive bag cost me 30 baht.

One of the biggest attractions is a mountain with some golden Buddha’s at the top.

You have to climb a lot of steps. I was ill on this day and pretty much fainted after 250 steps and had to give up. I didn’t stop shaking for 2 hours. Luckily my Husband made it to the top so you can see how amazing it is. 

I am still gutted I didn’t see this.

After this we visited some hot pools, these were amazing. Natural hot springs. We went with a tour guide, and they seem to co-ordinate with each other to share the pools and ensure they are not too crowded (although you will be sharing with more than a few others)

We had lunch with some locals… I am so not into bugs so naturally this massive one chose my water.

And my favourite place, the Emerald green pool. Loved this.

You have to walk through a bit of jungle for about 20 minutes to get it so it’s not massively crowded, and the water is so green and warm.

If you come to Krabi definitely go on this tour, you can do all three in one day and they are quite spread out so a tour is a great way to do. Normally we are the people who sack off going with a guide and try to do things on our own but it just made everything very easy, and meant that we didn’t have to pay high entrance fees to each place.


We were in Krabi for a few days and I felt like it was real Thailand, although there is tourist attractions and things to do, the town was proper and full of markets and very few places that just focused on tourists. Mostly it was locals; in the shops and the restaurants.

I understand there are lots of resorts outside of the town, amazing resorts, so if you want to go and have some Thai luxury I am sure you’d get more for your money here than on Phuket, and you can come into the town and sample proper markets and food and real life. 


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