Phi Phi

February 16, 2012

Back to Thailand… Oh how I wish.

After Phuket we took a boat to Phi Phi, a tiny island between Phuket and the main stretch of Thailand.

It is the Thailand you see in holiday brochures, all craggy rocks and turquoise sea.

This was the view as we arrived.

It’s very much an original backpackers island that has since been hijacked by the ordinary resort tourist, simply because it is so amazing, like much of Thailand resorts have sprung up all over in the past 10 years.

We decided to get in the spirit of the island and went straight out for cocktails that night. In fact we had so much fun over the two days that we were there, and ate quite a lot of street food that I had no recommendations for you, other than to GO HERE.

It’s also a well-known diving spot, and the place is chock full of dive schools, my Husband is insane about diving and will go any chance he gets whilst I am terrified of the sea.

Most of the dive companies will take a snorkeler out with them for a small fee, and though I am also new to this, being terrified of the big blue thing and everything, I agreed to go out on the trip.

Oh yes, I also get very, very seasick.

This trip was a breakthrough for me, although the dive company had said I would have someone with me I did not, so when Adam had done his first dive he came snorkeling with me over a shallow dive site.

In the middle of the open sea.

It was a breakthrough in that I fully didn’t want to do it, and I also fully freaked out big time when I jumped in the water.

I did not want to jump in, I wanted to step in but they said I had to so I would be far enough away from the boat, and basically water got in my eyes and my mascara run and I was about 3 breaths away from a full on panic attack, something I have been through maybe 3 times in my life and believe me it’s horrendous enough without being in the ocean.

All the time everyone was asking me if I was okay and did I want to get out, and I just concentrated on getting my breathing normal and shook my head, and eventually I did it. I was still in the water.

It wasn’t the best snorkeling experience either but it was out in the middle of the sea and after that I felt like I could do it anywhere. This was massive.

Even if I am still a long way from joining my Husband on a scuba dive at least I can share a little of his love for the sea with him.

The pier, I am always so happy to see land after a few hours at sea! (I feel so sick whenever I step onto a boat)

A beautiful sunset at the beach.

This island really does come alive at night, we had so much fun. The beach bars and clubs are where the ‘kids’ hang out but there are plenty of other options away from here and where all the smaller hotels are.

This was the time to get involved in the Thai ‘buckets’ which if you have never been these are little seaside buckets filled with ice, a couple of cans of mixer, Thai red bull (lethal) and a small bottle of Sansong which is Thai whiskey or rum as it says on the bottle.

It’s truly horrible stuff, but it’s so so much fun.

We even went dancing, to Rhianna. One of my favourite memories.

This is the only photo of the bar we went to I have that wasn’t completely blurred.

We suffered a lot the next day, and unfortunately this was also the day we had chosen to move on… it was pretty bad.

So we found a nice place to eat and ordered lot of orange juice and toast and coffee and tried to feel okay enough to get back on yet another boat.

Why don’t we put flowers on all our drinks? I loved that.

That’s 3 boats in 3 days people. For a seasick, sea-phobic girl. There’s nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end.

I was also a little gutted, I so wanted to stay. Drinking buckets with my Husband and dancing all night then lying on the beach with the sand between my toes all day.

It’s probably a good thing we had already booked our next hotel, we probably would have gotten stuck here for a while otherwise.


I am sure you can see why.

Definitely go to Phi Phi if you visit Thailand, it’s certainly not quiet but it has its more remote spots if you want that and I am told it’s nowhere near as busy as Koh Samui and the neighbours,a nd just as beautiful.


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