Home Sweet Home

February 15, 2012

Hello again!

I have returned from my travels, I have unpacked my backpack, I have almost washed everything, and I am back at work and the gym which is very much needed I can tell you.

It is good to be back. It has been amazing seeing my family and friends over the past week, and I am furiously making plans with many more to see people as soon as possible.

Not to mention how delighted I am to have my full wardrobe back and more than one choice of shoes. I have been revelling in wearing dresses and heels and all my jewellery at once, I’m (half) kidding.

There is a little bit of a flatness, for both my husband and I, after such an amazing 3 months reality hits hard.

However we are throwing ourselves into lots of newness, our married life, new challenges, ideas and careers.

One challenge I am very excited about is that this blog and Full as an Egg will be getting an update, we are a long way off yet but plans are being made and I cannot wait to get started on one particular idea I have had to make it all the more exciting to visit me here.

Anyway hello… In the meantime I will continue to post-blog about my travels, recommending my favourite bits for you, and everyone can sit back happy in the knowledge that I am back at my desk writing this.

images – home // shoes


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