Phuket, Thailand

December 15, 2011


I have been away from the blogs for a loooong time! I have to apologise for being rubbish, first there were computer issues and now the sheer number of posts I have to write has left me feeling a little overwhelmed! Plus I do not want to sit blogging for too long when I could be having fun.

So my plan is to write up as much as I can but I think the recommendations will have to wait until I return home, I don’t think I could possibly catch up now.

My plan instead, to catch you all up is to blog a little about places I have been, starting with Phuket my first stop in Thailand. Maybe I can help you plan your Thailand holiday!

Phuket is the island of the resorts. Life here is easy, and very relaxed.

It is Thailand but not, since moving on I think Phuket was very used to having tourists and very geared towards that. Most people speak at least a little English and are good at communicating if not.

It is a beautiful island, the beaches are just amazing and the resorts are great. If you want ease and luxury, sun and beaches then Phuket is a good shout. You can even fly straight there from the UK now.

Our first hotel was Dewa, one of the classic; “I do not need to leave this place if I don’t want to” resorts. Everything you need is right there, but not so much going on around you. This is the kind of place for those who want to tan, eat and drink and relax. You would need transport to check anything out. This stretch of beach is only about 10-15 minutes from the airport.

Beautiful right?

We also visited the other side of Phuket; Patong. A busy, sometimes sleazy town. Don’t let that put you off too much, you can stay away from the go-go bars if you want to. And it is pretty hard to escape the sight of western men and Thai ladies altogether in Thailand but you will see a lot of this in Patong. We stayed at The Nap, a hotel we both loved and highly recommend.

The beach…

And late…

There are busy beaches, all kinds of restaurants within walking distance of most of the hotels, from posh, dress up restaurants, to huge BBQ joints, beach front tables in the sand spots and fast food street stands. There are a ton of cocktail bars, and when we were there it was always happy hour somewhere so you can have a lively time here. It’s definitely a holiday spot though, still not Thailand for real. Lots of fun though, I liked The Port for full on cheese fest tourist fun.

We also visited Rawai beach, staying at Friendship Beach, a beach front resort but you cannot swim here unfortunately. The water is not the cleanest but the views are still gorgeous. This resort also comes highly recommended from me, a little more rustic this time stepping down our budget a little but the place is clean and very cute has a great American chef so try the burger as well as the Thai food! It also has a detox and yoga centre, I can’t think of anywhere better to detox than here, the pool is great, and the sun shines. who cares if you can’t eat (Okay I am lying it would be tough)

This area is well placed to do a little island jumping though, we hired a long boat for a day and had the best time arriving at deserted islands with turquoise waters, and at slightly more popular islands with other tourists but great beaches and snorkelling plus beach manicures and restaurants on the bigger islands. Just the boat ride alone was worth it though, and it’s here you see the Thailand you see on postcards, with jagged islands jutting out all over the sea and water so clear you can see your toes, and so warm you could be in the bath! Serious.

We also liked Serenity, which was next door too, beautiful pool and a great restaurant.

So all in all I loved Phuket and it would be great for a holiday, and for me it was the perfect place for my Husband and I to start our honeymoon in style, and to ease me into Thailand. We drinks cocktails, laid on beaches and by the pool, and ate. We ate a lot.


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