The Port, Phuket

November 25, 2011

I loved this place in Patong.

We went our for dinner, and then stumbled upon The Port and decided to have dessert, cocktails and watch the amazing bands doing cover songs. It was so fun here.

They had one band doing all kinds of covers, you can request songs too. And another came on in kind of Jamacian inspired outfits and we thought it was going to be reagee but it was just a sort of almost-reagee take on songs. Weird. But the first band were great with several singers taking the lead on different songs. Our favourite were the Amy Whinehouse lady and the Tina Turner lady. They had the songs down, even down to the accent of the original artist. Loved it.

I also loved the cocktails.

If you like Pina Coladas…

And we ordered some desserts, the biggest portion of fried banana I have ever seen. We really struggled with this! Served with a chocolate and vanilla sauce.

Just amazing.

And in an effort to be semi-healthy some coconut sorbet, made with the young coconut.

If you go to Patong and want to see a show, I beg you not to go to Hard Rock (£16 for a rubbish burger) check out The Port, its right on the main strip close to the big hotels, and starbucks :(. You cannot miss the illuminated sign!


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  1. […] definitely a holiday spot though, still not Thailand for real. Lots of fun though, I liked The Port for full on cheese fest tourist […]

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