The Nap – Patong, Phuket

November 19, 2011

Another Hotel recommendation I want to share.

After our first night in Dewa wen moved to somewhere a bit more lively, with more to do. My husband is the restless sort and I don’t think he would have been able to handle the chilled-ness of the area surrounding Dewa for very long at all.

This hotel -in Patong, was our favourite so far. In terms of most things you want from a hotel this was amazing.

We had a great location, the hotel itself was beautiful, very modern, the facilities were great and the service our whole time was great.

As in most Thai hotels, the reception is a beautiful open space.

When we arrived as usual we were given cold towels and a refreshing drink, plus a plate of fresh fruit. This was mostly to keep us occupied as we were very early and our room wasn’t quite ready.

We see this bird all this time, I love them, no idea what it is but it hops around on both its legs, very cute.

And our room, we had a smaller room this time but still plenty of space. Very clean and modern design. My husband loved it. Plus the bathroom was amazing. Great big shower. Who doesn’t love a good shower.

Our view of the pool.

And then we grabbed some lunch, I have written a separate post about the food here, on Full as an Egg it was just so good. And the restaurant was just a nice place to be.

The pool, kind of a must for me when it’s so hot you need to cool down every so often.

This was my general position here!

And of course a great place to drink cocktails. I think I might be addicted to strawberry daiquiris, the fact that they are frozen is another cool down method (justification is a skill of mine)

Phuket is hot, so hot that a few times we have had storms. The great thing? They cool the air down and never last for long, just don’t get caught, you’ll get seriously wet; it’s like you’ve beens whamming. Fun though!

I am in love with hotel breakfasts, once again at The Nap you can have anything you want. Our favourite was the omelette station, where you go and pick what you would like in and watch them make it.

And every day they also brought around little treats, this is a mini bircher muesli.

The beach at Patong is busier than it looks being covered in sun loungers but its long and you can find yourself a spot thats not covered in people easily. It’s also clean, as the people running the little sun lounger spots keep it so, and the sea is great for swimming and there are lots of water sports going on all the time.

Patong was great for a short stay, there is a ton of restaurants and bars from nice date spots to loud drinking spots and lots of happy hours where at the moment with a bad exchange rate cocktails are about £2. Amazing.

So if you are coming to Phuket, do check out Patong and do stay at The Nap, its great. Well enough away from the main strip so you can avoid it if you wish but its there if you want it.

Also the robes were amazing, still kicking myself for not buying one.



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