Dewa – Phuket

November 17, 2011

So at the risk of annoying you all I am going to start my honeymoon travel recommendations, you never know you might need these one day.

Starting with our first hotel in Phuket, Thailand; Dewa.

We arrived here after meeting in Bangkok after a month apart, I had been travelling for over 24 hours.

It was an amazing reunion.

After flying South to Phuket we arrived to a storm, with thunder lightning and heavy rain, not what we had in mind maybe! But it was about 8 o clock, so no matter.

We arrived at Dewa, picked by my Husband to a beautiful reception with some fruity welcome drinks and umbrellas to shelter us for the walk to our room.

I love turquoise pools at night, even in the rain I wanted to jump in.

The hotel has a mix of rooms and villas. The villas are all set around the middle of the resort and are quite sheltered giving all a lovely view.

Then we arrived to our room, right at the top of the hotel. We had a honeymoon upgrade. Score.

We had a little suite, with a kitchen, seating area, amazing bathroom and a beautiful bedroom. So much space!

My favourite thing about Thai hotels? The swan towels and fresh flowers.

Then we step out onto our balcony to find we also have our own private roof terrace! With an amazing view of the resort and more which we didn’t see until the morning. And we spot they have another, much bigger pool.

So we went to the restaurant to catch up over cocktails and pizza, both very tired and delicate we didn’t start on the Thai food tonight.

And the next morning took a proper look at our terrace. It had loungers, a shower to cool off and amazing views.

And back through a much drier reception and over the front pool we went.

Breakfast at Dewa is an amazing as we had expected, basically they have anything you could want. Seriously.

Our favourite thing had to be the make your own muesli bar. So good! A million different combinations.

Plus a ton of fresh fruit and yogurt, plus meats and cheeses, breads and pastries.

We didn’t even look at the hot breakfast menu.

Being healthy is easy in Thailand!

You want more? The next bonus is the beach immediately across a small road from the hotel.

Through a little bit of green…

You have this.

I know.


Loved Dewa, and if we weren’t on a long ‘see Thailand’ trip, I  could have easily stayed here for weeks, being pampered and enjoying the various choices for sunbathing, beach pool 1, 2 or roof terrace!

Its also very close to Phuket airport too and very geared towards families, with a crèche and lots of activities to keep all ages happy and away from boredom.


So yes, if you are visiting Thailand for a nice luxury holiday you need to check out Dewa


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