Port Gaverne

October 27, 2011

Right next to Port Issac is an even smaller Port called Gaverne, we took a walk down there to walk off our huge crab sandwiches (and cider) and check out the blustery view.

Love. It.

Even more cute cottages, can you just imagine being inside here on a stormy night with the fire going and a big glass of whiskey? That is what I think about with places like this.

We went right out to a good vantage point, my Mum my Godmother and I.

I love the big thick grass you get at the seaside.

There’s that cottage, see what I mean about being inside on a stormy night, it’d be amazing.

Then we took a walk back up the hill and into Port Issac to grab some more crab for our starter that evening.

Love this shop.

Both my Mum and Godmother love Cornish crab and wanted to me to taste and compare with crab on my travels (and tell them this is the best) and report back on my return.

I have to say it was amazing.

I really want these Oyster buckets, great champagne buckets for BBQ’s or what!

Then we stopped by my Godmothers local farm shop to get last few bits for dinner.

And some treats for neighbours who looked after Biggie the cat.

Then the next day we headed back but I had to share this photograph of the sunrise from my bedroom window, does my Godmother have an amazing view or what?


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