Port Isaac

October 26, 2011

Last weekend my Mum and me went to stay with my ‘Godmother’ in Cornwall.

For a treat one day we all went to Port Isaac, a ridiculously cute fishing village that everyone who has been there falls in love with.

And so did I, I definitely want to go stay here, maybe in the winter when it’s quiet and cold and I could be all snug in a seaside cottage. Swoon!

So here it is…


The place is chock full of picture perfect cottages (a lot of which I suspect are holiday homes)

This one is perfect, Rose Cottage, of course has a garden full of roses.

Definitely a holiday home, look at the window seat! Love that.

If I had a cottage here I would definitely have a nautical door knocker.

I love the little nooks and crannies that were everywhere.

 We visited the fish market, which is tiny!

This is the view from the other side of the village.

A very cute shop in an old church… full of cute pottery. I had to restrain myself from buying anything though.

Anyone know about the Fisherman’s Friends? They are a folk group that practise here, my Mum loves em!

After a good stomp around we hit the pub.

I do love old pubs, I so want to come here with my Mister in the winter. It would be such a nice place to plot up and sit by the fire drinking far too much red wine.

This pub has one of the best views in the village for sure.

When in Cornwall…

…being a Bristol girl I had to try the cider. It was pretty strong! And also crab sandwiches and chips. Amazing.

Seriously love it here! Definitely have to bring the Husband next year.

Have you been? You must go!

Big thanks to my Mum for taking me to Cornwall for a lush weekend and to Carolyn for having Mum and I to stay.


One Response to “Port Isaac”

  1. Shellis Says:

    Sally this looks so amazing! I’ll have to take sue for the crab! X

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