Dressed to Impress Bridal Store

October 24, 2011

One last wedding blog before I am done.

I have been meaning to post this for a long time, but it’s an odd one so needed to work out what to say. I decided on just tell you what happened.

So as you may know we organised our wedding in 3 months, which some would say is pretty quick. And we did so on a relatively small budget (I say relative because it was still a lot of money) so with all those little things adding up I decided to save money on accessories, like my veil.

Which I ordered from a website just over a month before the wedding; 5 weeks in fact. This website asked for your wedding date so they can make sure your veil arrives time in time, so I even added an extra day to mind just to make sure. They told me it would take 4 weeks.

So fast forward to the week of my wedding and halfway through the week (I got married on Saturday) I realise my veil has not arrived. So I chase it up, emailing and leaving answer phone messages.

No response.

So Friday I get a little upset and realise that actually I do really want a veil so we need an alternative. I couldn’t go out so my Husband to be and my very good friend Sarah went out on the hunt.

They ended up at Dressed to Impress who saved the day and went out of their way to be lovely, sending Adam and Sarah off with a selection of veils for me to try on, and then when nothing was quite right made on up. In an hour.

Yep. How amazing is that! It was another example of how helpful and lovely people are when you are getting married, people just want to help.

So I just wanted to highly recommend the lovely people at Dressed to Impress in Redland.

Massive thanks for my last-minute veil!

And also to say DO NOT USE The Wedding Veil Shop, not only did my veil not arrive, they didn’t respond to any emails or several phone calls from me, my friend Sarah or my Husband.

Actually I lie, they did email me on the Friday which as far as they were concerned was my wedding day to say the veil was on its way, and it did arrive eventually. After my wedding.

So thanks Wedding Veil Shop for the non-contact, the late veil and the non-existent apology. Great Service! But I did get my money back and because some people are amazingly helpful I had a veil.

Rant over!


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